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Random Question - Props

Miscellaneous By: Divena

Do you use props (i.e. book, ring, necklace, statue, etc.) in stories?

Submitted:Apr 18, 2008    Reads: 151    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

So, I have a cousin, let's call her A. We've been pretty close all our lives. We're a lot alike, but there are some differences (like the fact that we live states away and only see each other three times a year.) We're both writers, and we both (more or less) specialize in fantasy. Bear with me, I am going somewhere with this (I think).

Now, A has been working on this series for years, I'm talking like half a decade now. She's got a favorite rant about that, but this isn't her corner, it's mine. Besides, it's more entertaining if you hear the rant from her >.> Anywho, she gave one of her characters this necklace in her story and she absolutely fell in love with it. I mean like she was scouring jewelery stores trying to find this friggin' thing. But, obviously, she couldn't find it anywhere. She found the basic design in tons of places, but the stones were always off, and they had to be very particular stones.

So, what does A do? She gets bored one day. That's never a good thing. She looked up custom jewlers and about a month later, she's got her necklace and she's as happy as a cat surrounded by tuna. But I ask you, was it worth it? I mean, it was just a necklace. A beautiful necklace, yes, but still just a peice of jewlery. It has no significance but what she makes for it in her story.

I learned from her heartache and, whenever I think there's a chance I'll like a peice of clothing, book, or jewlery in one of my stories, I make sure I base it off something I know I can buy if I want to.

Does anyone else do this? Do you base story items off real things? Like do you have a ring that you really, really love, so you worked it into a story you were writing? And if not, if you made up a peice of jewlery that you fell in love with, would you be like A and scour the stores trying to find it?

Okay, so that was more than one question, but I always kind of wondered and A and I were weird in the way we base stories off of real objects. (For example, A has a story/series planned that was inspired by this really beautiful dragon ring that she and her two best friends have.)


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