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Random Question - What you know

By: Divena

Page 1, Do you write what you know, or do you make it up?

I'm a very dull person. Nothing interesting ever happens to me and never has happened to me. I lead a rather boring life. I've got my routine (I like my routines) and I stick to them. Given all that, I do not write what I know. That's a big reason I stick to fantasy. I make up new races and worlds so that I don't have to do research into other things (I stink at research).

So, my question to you is this: Do you write what you know, or do you bs your way through the story? Even if you write fiction and/or fantasy, do you base scenes and characters on people you know or experiences you've had? Or do you make it all up?

Me, I make it all up. I'm a shy person in life, and I don't handle people well. I don't understand them, and I hate dealing with them in person. But characters I can do. I'm proud of the characters I come up with.

I've never been in love, don't have kids of my own. I've never really had to suffer through anything that would be considered "character building." Everything I do to my characters, the relationships they build, I pull out of thin air.

Okay, this is a short rant. I kind of said everything I wanted to say. The question, I guess, is self explanatory. So! I'll leave y'all to it! ^_^

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