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The Gift By Stacey Bell *Pictures*

By: Dolphin198818

Page 1, A story about a girl who is a psychic/medium!!!!

Character pictures for

"The Gift"

Summary: thisis a continuation of my first book called "Black and White." This story is about Michelle and Jim's daughter that can see and talk to the dead. She can also see stuff that has happened or stuff that is going to happen.

Author notes:I hope that this book is interesting and don't be afraid to hit the i like button or leave a comment. Again thank you for reading!!!!


This is Michelle: Sarah's mother

This is Jim: Sarah's father

This is Sarah: their daughter

This is Rachel: Sarah's best friend (who can't see the dead, but she can hear them.)

This is Damion: Rachel's brother (He doesn't have a psychic powers.)

Well: there you have it....the key characters of the story...if they're are anymore, I'll put them up :)....again...don't forget to hit the i like button or the comment button and thank you for reading!!!!

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