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A Lonely Existence: Characters

By: Edward Wong Satoni

Page 1, A small insight into the characters of the story and something to go on in terms of appearance. Enjoy.


Name: Valynia

About them: A beautiful blonde bombshell of a woman with no known past, she is only looking to gain a future worth something. But to do it, she has no choice but to put together the pieces of a scrambled memory puzzle. Thankfully, she is not alone on the quest...


Name: Wesley Carnage

About them: Wesley Carnage. A civilized London lad of 26... Or is he? Yes, looks are decieving. In truth, the angelically handsome man is far from heavenly. With a history slathered in blood, crime and sex, he earned his given second name, it wasn't just a birth right.

Name: Dalia Boché

About them: Seduction is this darkly enchanting woman's art and if it were paint to canvas, she would be the modern day Da Vinci. She is Wesley's cockney lover, his reason of killing without mercy and only trusted person in his life. She is the reason the men of England stay clear of the shadows...


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