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A Simple Misunderstanding

Miscellaneous By: Eliza Herin

This stream of consciousness style story follows an unlikely protagonist on his search for freedom which is as close as the front door.

Submitted:May 21, 2012    Reads: 14    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

It smells bad. My four eyes look around, this is not my web. I am not in my tree. A shoe? I am on a shoe, why am I on a shoe? Wood floor. Couch. Table. People. People! Humans! Oh no oh no oh no. Humans kill us. Squash. Flat. No mercy. Vermin. Pest. Bug. Wrong, Arachnid, get it right. I must get out of here, escape, outside now. First out of the shoe, onto the floor. Slowly, carefully, or they will see me. If they do I have no chance, none. A thousand eggs back in that tree, no, they cannot be left alone. Honey, please be careful around humans, if you get mixed up with them, you'll never come back. I should have listened. Move slow, one leg at a time. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Windows closed, doors closed, no escape. A breeze. A breeze! A breeze from outside, outside is home. Crawling, careful, don't be seen. A black dot on a brown floor, how could I be seen? I don't hurt, I don't bite, a thousand times as big as me, why are they so scared? Under a table, under a chair, closer to the door, closer, closer. Movement. Fur. Cat. Don't see me please don't see me. A silent moment, is it only a moment? It seems to be forever. It passes. A sigh of relief but must keep going. The door, it's in sight. I can make it, finally, home free. Its open just a crack, but I can fit. Now its opening more, how nice! Oh wait, no its opening more! Humans, they're going to see me, I can see them now, giant feet, feet of death, I'm going to die! No, I can make it, the door is so close! I can see the outside, the sun, my tree, I'm almost there. Don't be gone too long, the eggs are going to hatch soon. Don't worry, I will be there. The door is so near, I can feel the breeze, see my home. A shadow. A shadow? There are no clouds in the sky. Why a shadow? Its getting bigger, closing in around me, so close, so close to home. The shadow smells bad. Closer, closer, closer! Dark................Ew gross! It's all over my shoe!


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