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Dubstep Music challenge.

By: elmoshurtside

Page 1, This is my newest challenge.

You must choose one of the songs listed below and a theme listed below and write your piece based on it. It can be a short story, poem, or part of a novel.

My rules are simple. Make me love it. And use the song as inspiration. and stick to your theme. the rest is pretty simple.

Here are the songs...

1.Mt. Eden- Silence (sara mclachlan)

2.Mt.. Eden- Sierra Leone

3.Flux Pavillion- I cant stop

4.Modstep- Feel Good

5.Nero- Innocence

6.Skrillex- Cinema (Benny Benassi)

7.Crackz- Heartless

8.Bassnectar- Underwater

9.Bassnectar- Window Seat

10.Mt. Eden- Chasing Shadows


1.Love never dies

2.What can never be.

3.Im an addict

4.The greater things in life.

5.I've got bigger problems to worry about than...

6. I'll be happy

7.Runn Awayy

8.Its never over

9.I'll never tell the truth

10. You are my...

No one can choose the same song or theme as someone else meaning there are only 10 spots in the contest. Winners will recieve variationsof feed back, promotion on my page, and my facebook. Also i will read variation of a number of your pieces.

Good luck!!

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