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A unique challenge!

Miscellaneous By: Elzeranova

not your average challenge...

Submitted:Jun 23, 2008    Reads: 210    Comments: 9    Likes: 2   

So, this is my first ever challenge and it's quite unique if I do say so myself...though I don't know if this is going to work out, its a bit of a risk :/...

THE BASIC IDEA of the challenge is that I will give you a subject and a list of 10 words that will have to be in the story at some point, aha! heres the catch! each person has to do one chapter of this story, the first to comment gets to write the first chapter, the second person gets to write the second chapter and so on and so on... (you're all writing the same story)

NOTE: when you comment to join the challenge I will give you the chapter we're up to and the list of 10 words you'll need to include in the chapter you are assigned to

so basically the finished product should be a fully comlpeted story with lots of different peoples creative touch in it!

I will say it again, this may turn very un-shazamy (bad) I'm not really sure but I had to give it a go

THE RULES are as follows...

please, if your not serious about this challenge don't enter it as you may upset a lot of people, I'm not saying don't enter if your not a good writer, just don't enter if your going to write something stupid like 'CHAPTER 4: and then everyone/everything in the entire space of reality similtaniously poofed from exsistence the end.' I mean seriously, don't reck it for everyone else. If your not confident that your much of a good writer don't worry it's your effort that counts!

a chapter has to be at least 60 words

you have to be continuing from the SAME story everyone else has been writing, don't just randomly change the setting without an eplanation, please.

if your going to take a REAAALLLYYY long time to do your chapter, just let people skip you because people are gonna have to wait for YOU to finish otherwise... so heres a basic run through...

POST your comment something like "oooh, sounds fun count me in", I will then reply and give you your chapter and words, please read the previous chapters so you know what the story is about (duh)

(NOTE: if you are first to comment then you don't have to (duh)

WRITE your chapter, going along with what the previous writers have written about (unless your the first chapter duh again, god I state the obvious too much...) keep to the rules and don't make it too complicated and super hard to understand, as some people may not be able to follow, I'm looking at you Punishment *grrr*

PUBLISH it, as Elzeranovas challenge: (Whatever the story is named): (chapter whatever chapter you are) the first person to comment gets to choose the title and do the first chapter.

ENJOY IT, hopefully this whole thing won't go to hell...:D



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