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Top Ten Invader Zim Episodes

Miscellaneous By: Entity

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This is a list of my favorite episodes of a show that I grew up watching.

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Top Ten Invader Zim Episodes

Number 10: The Nightmare Begins. Now, there were a lot of great things about this episode. Great material from all characters, some good character development, and of course, it was the first episode, meaning there were many more to come. We got an inside look at an alien society, and a great outsiders' look at humanity. But lets face it. The main reason this episode belongs on the list is The Doom Song! It was stupid, it was pointless, and we loved it. I mean come on, tell me you didn't drive every adult within a five mile radius bat-shit insane singing this song. of course we also get our first look into how incompetent Zim, and really, the rest of the Irken race really is, basing there hierarchy solely on hight rather than intellect, strength or even wealth, just showing that there are bound to be some truly odd customs at work out beyond our known universe. This the episode we all remember best, and it truly deserves a spot on this list.

Number 9: A Room With a Moose. This is another well liked episode. Fans love this episode, and not for great character development, or even satire, but just how damned goofy and rediculus it was. The scene that sums up this episode best was when Zim releases the walnuts into the room with the moose. After seeing the moose munch on the walnuts, Dib is suddenly filled with uncontrollable, and more importantly unexplained fear. This is actually an intelligent joke if you look at it, as it pokes a bit of fun at odd phobias that people have, and how rediculously specific those phobias can be, but then who really paid that much attention to it back then. We were just laughing our asses off, and that's the best thing about this show. you didn't have to analyze to fully enjoy it. And that's just awesome.

Number 8: Dibs Wonderful Life of Doom. This was an awesome alternate timeline episode, that shows us what Dibs life would be like if he did finally manage to capture Zim. Dib lives on to live a long and happy life, and even destroys the Irken Armada, a huge feat for a human being. The fact that I respect Dib also plays a big part in my including this episode on this list. Seening Dib live the life he's always wanted live gives me, and I'm sure all other outcasts who watched this show a little something to hope, that is if you disregard that bullshit ending. Anyway, this episode is definitely among my favorites.

Number 7: Bad Bad Rubber Piggy. Not only do you see more of Zim's incompetance in this episode, which is pretty much the ultimate staple of the series, but you really get to see the evolution of Dibs obsession, and how he prepared for Zim before even meeting him. Also, It really shows that Professor Membrane, Despite being ashamed of his "Poor Insane Son" still cares about his child, and he goes histerical at the loss of his child, even building a giant cybornetic battle suit for his son to keep him alive. This is a great episode for a great show, and the ending of course was hilarious.

Number 6: Game Slave 2. This episode really breaks away from the norm, showing an entirely different kind of obsession through Gaz, our favorite little nutcase. After a kid at the mall named. . . Iggins. Wierd name even by Invader Zim standards, takes the last Game Slave 2 in stock, Gaz swears revenge, and uses manaical tactics to force iggins to release the Game Slave into her custody, even going so far as to destroy his entire supply of batteries. This really shows the lengths to which Gaz will go to get what she wants. It was obsession at its best, and it also gives us a couple of great dib moments, like his run in with the Rat People in the parking garage, who apparently got lost in the garage years ago, and were deformed over time, to which Dibs' reaction is, "Oh come on, getting lost in the parking garage did not turn you all into horrible rat people!" A genius satirization of human incopetence. Well done Johen.

Number 5: Battle of the Planets. This is definitely a funny episode, further stating that even the most advanced civilizations can be just as stupid or incompetant an human beings. When Zim discovers that the Martians worked their civilization to death to turn their planet into a giant space ship because it was "cool" he decides to use this technology to "squish out all life." On Earth. When Dib learns of this plan, he gets some help and discovers that mercury was also turned into a ship, and travels to the most distinguishing feature of the planet, The Butt on Mercury. He battles Zim, ultimately defeating him after the alien flies directly into the asteroid belt. Again nobody ever said an advanced alien race would be all that advanced.

Number 4: Walk of Doom. This episode shows that no matter how advanced a species is, a strange and unusual society can still knock them on their ass, and that depending on technology too much can lead to ones own undoing. This episode is also iconic, as it shows GIR and Zim at their best, giving us some great jokes, and even some character development between Zim and GIR. Not much else to say about this one. It's a great episode with a great premise, and of course some really funny back and forth between the two best characters on the show.

Number 3: The Wettening. Now, this episode is great for a number of reasons. First the rivalry between Zim and Dib goes back to the basics, and gives us a great fight for your life kind of feeling. Secondly, it was simply some of Johen's animation and creativity at it's best. A great example being when Zim first encounters the rain, he holds Gaz over his head as a shield completely ignoring the umbrella she was holding. This just proves Johen doesn't need dialogue to make it funny. I mean, he could do the whole thing in the style of a tom and jerry cartoon and it would still be hilarious. And lastly, the fact that he was sent to conquer Earth, which is almost all water is hilarious in itself, and shows little foresight on the part of the Irkens, showing that dispite its power, the species has little forethough or intelligence, and most likely, doesn't even really pose a threat to the planet, and these are only a few reasons that this episode ranks so high. What else can I say, the episode was great, end of story.

Number 2: GIR Goes Crazy and Stuff. This episode is great not only because GIR gets a lot of much deserved screen time, but also because finally someone, (Other than the other Irkens and Gaz) finally realizes that Zim is incompetant, and GIR finally gets the opportunity to show his "Master" how it's done, and break away from the stupidity of those around him. One of the most memorable lines in this episode is, "GIR, you were my servant once, remember?" "Yeah. I didn't like it!" This episode gave us all a thrill when the most memorable character in the show finally got his moment in the sun.

And the number 1 Invader Zim episode is: Mopiness of Doom. A lot of you might not have seen this episode, since it was never finished while the series was running. The only complete version I know of is on Soapy Waffles.com, which is a fan site intent on bringing the series back. They currently have a full yet incomplete version of this episode up on the site, and there was a lot of work put into it. I won't give away any real details about it out of respect for fans who haven't seen it, but the main thing I love about this episode is that it shows that you need to follow your dreams no matter what, even if it sometimes seems pointless, and it also gives us that cliched but entertaining lesson that everyone needs a rival. I won't talk much more about it because I don't want to ruin it, but it's a great episode that any fan of the show should see. With some excellent character development, and great screen time from Professor Membrane, this episode is deserving of the number one spot on this list. I hope to hear all of your opinions as well, and be honest.


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