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The Power of the Pixie

Miscellaneous By: Eul Houghton

This is a mini compilation of things that has happened to me after I got my pixie cut. My friends think these events are linked to the pixie cut, but who knows.

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The Power of the Pixie

Well, not too long ago I was chased outside of a CVS by a homeless man. Did I see that coming? No. I really think that was the scariest moment of my life to date because his intentions were unclear. It started off with him asking me for a favor and I was a bit creeped out firstly because it was dark and I couldn't really see him all that well (the store had poor lighting outside), and secondly he sounded so harsh when he asked for a favor. I was running late for school and I really had to get a move on, so me, being the kind type nicely told him I had to skedaddle, but I guess he was having none of that. When I noticed him inching towards me I took off like a bat out of hell, and he ran after me screaming "I need a favor!" It took me a while to find out where I was parked because again the poor lighting, and also because of my bad memory. It was a bit like a horror movie because when I was rustling for my keys I tripped over my own feet and hurt my leg. But because I didn't want to give a favor to this suspicious, and creepy man I got up and limped very fast to my car. Thank god I made it, and I zoomed off. I no longer will go to that CVS unless it's in daylight.
On a separate occasion about 3 days after, I was grocery shopping and I was just minding my business trying to get out of the crowded store. The self checkout lines were ridiculous, so I went to the customer checkout lines, which were also ridiculous. I got pretty bored standing there so I started to sing a song called "Cuddle Fuddle" (a song I wasn't expecting anyone else to sing aloud) and low and behold the man behind me just starts singing the song along with me. I looked back and was like "Oh cool, this dude is awesome!" We sang louder and I was so happy and we just started talking about music and he listened to some of the same music artists I listen to, so I gave him a high-five because he was awesome (for that moment). High fives are only supposed to last for 1 second, but he grabbed my hand and wouldn't let go. I was a bit put-off, and I was thinking "Ok, this is so awkward". I asked him to relinquish my hand, but he just smiled at me and refused to let go. I was tempted to bite his hand so he would let go, but lord knows where his hands had been. So why did I give him a high five? Anyway, I kept pulling my hand away, and it seemed like that wasn't working. I'm petite like a pixie, so my strength wasn't a match for his because he was a Sasquatch. I hurled a few insults at him, and finally some people realized he was a creep and they all just told him they were going to get security (which is what I told him), and he finally let go. There was this old woman who told me I should've screamed, but honestly I'm not the one to cause a scene and I thought eventually he'd let me go. That's the mistake I make often; not making a scene.
The weekend after the weird store incident, my friend and I went to stay at a hotel with her family for a masquerade ball. After the party my friend and I decided to roam the hotel and try to crash the other parties, but instead we just decided to ride the elevators (that's how bored we were). When we were going up to the top floor there was this couple who got on with us, and this odd looking man. I didn't think much of him because I was too distracted on my phone, but then the man got really close to me. He asked me if I knew the couple who was in the elevator and I said no, and he just kept asking me over and over again. My friend pulled me towards her and he asked if we knew each other and she told him yes. He scooted closer to me and I thought he was just being extra friendly, so I started showing him photos in my phone and just chatting him up. He asked us what floor we were going to and I told him the 47th. My friend punched my arm, but I had no idea why. He said he was going to the 47th too and I was like "that's cool!" The couple who was in the elevator with us got off on the 42nd floor and my friend stepped off the elevator and I was so confused; she pulled me out and said good night to the man. I asked her why we got off on the 42nd floor and she told me the guy was being a creep, and that I was too dim-witted to notice. That's when we saw the creepy man hiding behind a wall and he asked us if we needed help to our room, then he put on this baseball cap and started to walk towards us. My friend said "No, so you can just go back to your room." He then starts to "walk away" until we notice him still following us and he keeps telling us that he can help us. At that point I was beyond scared and my friend looked all over to see if there was security and we noticed that the couple who was in the elevator with us was standing by the stair case and they said hello to us. My friend expressed her concern about the man to them and they said they were going to ask us if we needed help because the man was suspicious. Then here comes the man from around the corner and he just gets in a fight with the couple, and someone must've heard the shenanigans because the security was up there in no time. The couple filled the security in on the situation, and we found out he was following some of the other teenage girls staying at the hotel. I was disturbed to say the least, and my parents, as well as my friend's parents gave me a long lecture on staying vigilant.
I told all of my friends of the many crazy situations of that week, and my friends said "It's the power of the pixie". They said that the pixie hair cut that I have is attracting all of the weirdoes and now I will have to be very weary of my surroundings, since I'm so naïve and oblivious. I think my friends were on to something; On Monday a guy I don't know asked me to sit on his laps and warm him up. I was creeped out, I declined his offer and just thought "It's the power of the pixie".


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