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Who could this be?

By: Everhopeful35

Page 1, Can you guess who this is?


“Mick” as he is affectionately called by his friends, is sitting in his oversized office in Orlando, Florida eating a cheese sandwich. He has just finalized the details of a mega bucks movie deal with his lawyer over an hour ago. His father Walter would be so proud. He scans his office in admiration. It is an unusual mix of leather, dark wood, posters, figurines, toys, tee-shirts and Hollywood sparkle. His most prized possession, a picture of his 1978 Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is directly in his eye line. He smooth’s his whiskers on his handsome face and walks over to check his reflection in the mirror. Tucked into a corner is a picture of his beautiful girlfriend, who he met on the set of their first film together “Steamboat Willie”. She is pictured with their beloved Pointer dog “Pluto” who was given to them as a gift by his father.

He checks out his own reflection in the mirror, “Not bad for an oldie like me” he chuckles out loud. He is only too aware of his superstar status, not only in America but all over the world. Even though he is over 80 years old, he still adorns the bedroom walls of thousands, if not millions of girls and boys. He has managed to avoid any scandals over the decades that are all too familiar with such A* celebrities. “Maybe it’s been my wholesome all American image” he thought as he stared at his reflection. His yellow shoes gleamed under the office lights and his red shorts complimented his dark looks. He walks over to his desk, puts on his trademark white gloves and walks out of his office, back outside where his adoring fans are waiting……..

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