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Dear Daddy...

By: foreverhis

Page 1, A letter that I finally sent to my dad. Many words that needed to be said.

Dear Daddy, So I know I'm not the perfect daughter, that I don't call enough, or make much of an effort to talk to you. And I should. I don't really want to go on vacation with you and your family. I'm not apart of it. I know you try to make me feel like it, but I'm not. And I never will be. I dread going up to Akron every time. But I love seeing you. But that's *only* reason I go. But I cant help that you left when I was only nine. I know you wanted to wait but Angie's dad died. I know how Angie said she was going and you could come or stay. I don't want to say that you "chose" Angie over me, because that's not fair. You should be happy. But, dad, that's as close of a word as I can come up with. And if it crosses your mind that you were replaced by Todd, you weren't. Todd stepped in where you stepped out. I know that I liked Angie when I was little, but if I had been older, I would have had a different opinion. All that my little kid self saw was a pretty red head that my daddy liked. But my 15 year old self saw something else. I saw the same pretty red head that turned into an ugly, winey baby when she spoke. Being Angie's husband I don't doubt that she'll read this. I don't care if she does, what she says. No matter what she calls me, verbally or mentally, I've been called worse by people I like much more. So I don't want to hurt your feelings, I just wanted you to know. I dont expect anything to change. ~ Always your little girl, Jo

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