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"My Reading/Contest List and Requests"

Miscellaneous By: future author

I honestly need to keep track of my Reading Requests so that people can get what they deserve!

Below will be all the things that will keep me organized when it comes to Contests, my Reading List and my Reading Requests.

So drop me a request whenever and I will try to get to you as soon as I can! With work and school now, I will be too busy, but I promise I will get to you! Because you deserve my Comments, Likes, Fans, and Entries (Contests)! :D

~future author

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My Reading List, Reading Requests, and Contest Info!

*Read below for detail*

  • This is meant to keep me organized while I am busy the next few months with work and school!
  • You may leave your Reading Request(s) either here or on my wall! It doesn't matter because I will keep track of them.
  • I will post a list of the Novels I am reading for your and my convenience.
  • I will also post any Contests I am entering or feel like advertising.
  • I will add more to this whenever I think of more to say! :D


My Policies:

Reading Requests:

  • If you are kind enough to leave me a Reading Request, I would love if you could either read something of mine first along with a decent comment, or at least Return the Favor after I have followed your Reading Request. That's just being rude if you don't. And if you think about it, we all joined Booksie to read, to write, and to be read. So if you feel like you're above that, than I would prefer it if you wouldn't spam my page with your Requests.
  • If you are Participating in any of my Contests, I will not accept any Reading Requests from you because your Prize would be pointless.
  • If you are apart of my Reading List, but are Participating in one of my Contests, I will accept the updates to your Novel on my List, but nothing more.

Contest Requests:

  • Leave your Contest Requests whenever you want to! I love them! And although I might not want to Participate in them all the time, I will at least help you out by advertising them here. Why now, right?

My Reading List:

  • If you would like to be added to my Reading List, then I obviously have to like your writing.
  • Post a Novel Reading Request. I will read the First Chapter. If I like it, I will let you know and ask you to keep me updated. Afterwards, I will post your penname and your Novel title here letting me know that I like it.
  • If I dislike it, I will let you know why and not ask you to keep me updated, which means you won't be added to my list.
  • You're Novel is not safe, even when on my Reading List, however. If your updates tend to go downhill, I won't want to read your Novel anymore. Why would I? I will tell you why, but also ask you to stop updating me.


My Current Reading List:


  1. "Pure Evil 2: The Tritton Legacy" by declan Mckimm
  2. "I Pinky Promise" by badhaas7
  3. "Chosen" by Sarahh365
  4. "The Run Away" by Rose Burg
  5. "Damaged Beyond Any Repair" by AbstractKash
  6. "Help Me" by Sairento Sirens
  7. "Our Infected Earth" by Arid Land Kate


My Reading Requests to Read:

From: Friday, August 16th, 2013:

  1. sparrow01: "Midnight Calling - Wolf Awakening"---Novel

From: Monday, August 19th, 2013:

  1. Elena ArtistiC: "Don't Let Me Go"---Novel
  2. Rebecca1994: "Misled"---Short Story

From: Friday, August 23rd, 2013:

  1. Irish wolf hound: "The Hunters Son"---Novel


My Contest Info:

Entered In:

  1. "Contest sign-up" by Violet Blackthorn---with "The Black Lake"
  2. "Whos' The Strangest?" Contest-Chapter Two of "Sarah's Contests" by Sarahh365 and rsjakovac
  3. "Short Story Contest" by Daisy Ink
  4. "The Writers Olympics" by Arid Land Kate
  5. "Lauren Returns to Booksie Contest" by lauricula

My Contest Rankings:

  1. "The Black Lake"---To be announced
  2. ...
  3. ...
  4. ...
  5. ...

Other Contests:

  1. "Sparrow's Contests and Winners"---Chapter Two by sparrow01
  2. "August Short Story Contest" by R A B Bradbury

My Contests:

  1. "Birthday Contest"---Just closed
  2. "Booksie Idol: Season One"---Currently running, but closed
  3. "Several Future Author Contests" Chapter One: "BOO! I Scared You Contest!"---Six spots open
  4. "Contest Generator"---To be announced

"Birthday Contest" Top Three:

  1. FrootLoop246 with "Birthday Secret"
  2. JessGs with "Coming of Age"
  3. AbstractKash with "Happy Birthday to You"


Thank you!

*I hope this was helpful for you*

~future author


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