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based upon thousands of different things. please read

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I'd just like to say, before I start, that if anyone is offended or angry about anything I say in this article, I;m sorry, but then I'm highly opinonated and will ask anyone not to be toomad at the upcoming and probable harshness.


So am I Racist?

Well, people tellme that I am, and I know that some things I say, or have said, can be classed as Racist by some Ninny Pinny's who are all Pollitically Correct, but to me, I see it as being highly opinionated about topics and genre's of life.

My basic point is this. What exactly is racism or being Racist? Is it a group of people?

Is it one individual? Or is it everybody? Is it a title, a name of a gang or group? Or is it a "bad thing" that people don't usually talk about? Is it a status symbol, something people think makes them big and tough? Is it calling a black sheep black? Is it calling a white sheep white?

Or is it saying that a person you see across the street has coffee coloured skin?

My second point? Dont you think people are taking it over the top? A black man is black.

Thats the colour of his skin. It's not Simpson yellow or Umpa-Lumpa orange. It's black. Simply black. A white girl, is white. Her skin is white, not magnolia or green. White. So whats the whole "OMG you said that that man over there is black! I'm going t call 999 or 911!" Duh. The guy standing outside Sainsburys is black, he's wearing a yellow shirt. But he's black.

My third point? There are people I never talk too, but I've overheard their conversations. They are constantly saying "Paki," and "Black'un" and "Bloody Terroists." But you know what? Brace yourselves People Who Will Be Offended.

I have nothing against what they're saying. I am from Britain. I am White. I am Brittish. I have a friend and she's black. She lives in America. She is Amerrican. So whats the big deal about saying Paki? Pakistanis, from Pakistan... (Again sorry for offence) but do you understand where I am coming from???? (Sorry for the 100000 time for offence.)

Now my best friend, she says I'm terribly racist.

She scowls at me and almost stabs me with a butter knife. And says "Dani, you are so Racist, I'm surprised you aren't drowning in it."

And if I am racist? Well then at least I can admit it.

To be honest, I think that if I think hard enough, I can pinpoint sometime where I think my so called 'racism' started.

It was in 2001. When a five year old me sat in front of the tv, watching an airoplane crash into two buildings, and watching the fire, and listening to people talking so fast, and people screaming, and seeing people jumping from over 100 flights high.

Yes. It was the 9/11. September 11th 2001. The Twin Towers.

When some stupid, evil, sick, mindless Terrorists, violently killed 3000 people in an act of so called 'religion.'

I dont believe in god. But if there is a god, any god, Then that God would never tell anybody to kill, or to murder, or to rape. Or to hyjack planes and fly them into the Trade buildings on a Tuesday Morning.

So does me hating certain people, or the idea of certain people make me Racist?

Does it make me that individual that deserves to be shot?

Does it make me as bad as those two individuals that killed all those people?

Am I Racist??

(Thank you, I'm sorry for offence, there is seriously none meant)


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