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Snobs vs. Nerds

Miscellaneous By: gigglemybagel

Tags: Snob, Nerd, Cliques

A report I wrote on snobs vs nerds.

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Snobs vs Nerds

In every school there is a seemingly endless rivalry of snobs verses nerds. These two clashing social groups have both likeness and differences. The two groups may seem polar opposites because of their extreme differences, but some of the similarities may surprise you.
Snobs. These people are generally the ones that have money, play sports, are very popular, and try to tell the world they are oozing with self confidence. Snobs depend on people believing the image they set for themselves, and having others constantly reassure them that they are wonderful. They set their lives around what people think. Snobs, unlike nerds, usually have better clothes, and go out to the movies, or have parties more than the nerds group. The snob's group is very exclusive. Their rejection of others is a desperate attempt to not be rejected themselves. They rely on always wearing, doing, and saying what is "in," to stay "in." Mostly this group of people all try to act exactly the same to prevent their differences being exiled. Snobs like to let others think they are superior, and feel threatened by those with natural talent, or those who don't buy into their ordeals. Due to a lack of self confidence, they make others feel inferior with verbal attacks and rumors. These people feeling smaller makes the snobs feel big inside.
Nerds. These people are generally the ones with less money, lacking in coordination, not popular, but have enough confidence so they don't have to announce it to the world. They usually have good grades, or are in advanced classes. Nerds typically have an underlying talent, which is why they are in advanced classes or are in the band, chorus, math club, or drama club. These people don't have all the fashioned clothes, but unlike the snobs, like to express their own personalities. Nerds can, but usually don't play sports, because they have a lack of coordination, and usually fall or get hurt. They have quirkiness, and generally more positive attitudes and more kind personalities than the snobs. Just like snobs, nerds care about what people think. However, they don't let it affect how they act by changing themselves to fit in. They love to have fun, and be themselves. Some nerds try to go against the flow, and be way "out there." Nerds love to strive to be there best, are usually perfectionists, and usually take pride in their achievements. They do not need their peers to continuously reassure them of how amazing they are, because they generally have more self confidence than the snobs. Nerds can sometimes be too wrapped up in their work however, and do occasionally snort when they laugh.
Both of these groups are in fact, despite popular belief, from the same planet, (hopefully.) They are both humans, and both make humanly mistakes. The similarities between these groups, are that they both have their group of friends which they feel comfortable with, and both have the people they would rather push into a hole full of bunnies. Each of these groups tend to be biased towards themselves, and slightly resentful of the other. Though they show their emotions in different ways, (Snobs love to be overly dramatic, while nerds may keep to themselves,) they still have and live with the same ones. Though the rivalry will never end, it won't matter when they get out of school, and out of these silly cliques.


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