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No Way To Live Chapter 3

Miscellaneous By: Hinoglue

The third chapter to 'No Way To Live' which is a joint writing thing-a-ma-jig. It's not very long, sorry about that, and it's not very well written, I'm even more sorry about that. Anyway, I hope it's good enough! :( I feel bad because I don't want to ruin the book! :(

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It was exhilarating. Adrenalin filled my body as the car zoomed smoothly over the newly paved road. The windows were closed to prevent drag, we had to move quickly.

The car veered sharply to the right dodging past other vehicles. I wasn't prepared for this, all that time I had spent locked up didn't serve me very well. I hadn't used my powers in a long time.

The traffic lights glowed a bright shade of red, Billy took no notice as a large truck barred towards us. I made it levitate, but my powers were too out of shape to hold it up for long. I strained my mental and physical muscles. The truck came crashing down with a large bang. The driver was alright but the contents spilled everywhere. A thick black liquid seeped from the back flowing down the road. It was a large gloopy mess. Cars stopped in their tracks, not wanting to pay for the damage; insurance companies too cheap to clear the cost.

Everything seemed to be going by so quickly, I felt there was no chance Stark would be able to catch up. I saw a helicopter creeping up to us. "Faster!" I cried up to Billy, sensing it was Stark. Had I known they had access to air transportation, I wouldn't have let my mind wander to such thoughts.

"I can't! It doesn't go any faster!" He yelled back at me.

I had to do something. I couldn't just let Stark gain on us even more, as he already had. There was no telling what he would do to lay his hands on my powers.

I summoned upon the elements casting a ray of light in their direction. Stark deflected it with a blast of darkness. I reached up to the heavens, bringing down clouds of fog. It blocked their line of sight, causing Stark to not be able to do anything. Using my second eye, I looked into the car mirror, which slowly became an unmoving picture of the inside of the helicopter.

Stark stood there, a frustrated look on his face. The driver was flailing his arms in front of himself, unsure of what was going on. Two more people sat in seats, blindfolded and gagged. They both sat calmly, one more so than the other. Who were they, and why did Stark want them?

"Billy, he has some people with him..." I was unsure of how to tell him.

"Who?" His asked, hints of worry edging to his face.

"How should I know? He had their faces covered. They were gagged as well, and tied to chairs... well they weren't chairs, but seats. But what does that matter? We have to save them no matter what."

"No, we can't, we need to find a place where we can be safe before we go running around saving people ourselves."

I pondered over this, knowing he was right, but I couldn't just let those innocent people be his captives forever. I had to do something... but what?


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