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anti-bullying paper

By: ilene dawn

Page 1, my friend was having some problems and we are going to speek to the school about it and bullying and such and i thought maybe i could post it and hopefully get some feedback

On February 18th through the 24th, one of my best friends’ was gone.  She didn’t tell anybody where she had gone and I was very worried about her.   I had known that she was having some problems and had been cutting herself but I had also known that she had been doing this for a long time before I had even come to this school.  On that Monday I came to school thinking nothing would be any different but when I came I was told that her phone was off, and knowing her, her phone is absolutely never off, for the rest of that day, I thought maybe she had just broke her phone again and was sick, but the next day she was still gone and her phone was still off, I then became very worried.  I went through the day worried very much about her.  I spent the day trying to get a hold of her mom to figure out what had happened.  I then got to one of my classes and was told that she had been admitted into a clinic; I was very worried considering all that I knew, but I didn’t know things were really that serious with her.   A person being admitted into a clinic wasn’t really anything new to me, I knew that the clinic would help her but it hurt knowing something like this would happen to somebody else in my life again before I really knew things were that serious and I did cry.  I thought that at the time I didn’t talk to her enough to try and help her more with her problems and I told myself a long time ago that if I ever knew anybody who was having such issues I would help them before it ever got too far and at the time I didn't like what had happened because I thought that I hadn't done enought to help her.  On Wednesday when I still didn’t know very much about my friends situation I went and talked to the counselor and was told that she was admitted into the clinic and that she admitted herself but was okay.  I was glad she was okay but I wished she had told me that things were seriously that bad and I could have helped her more.  She had never told me that she had been bullied and I figured most of her problems were all from friends and their drama and some issues at home but I was clueless when it came to her being bullied.   I hope that anybody here who has somewhat of the same situation knows that there are people like you.  I hope that if you’re a person is having problems with family, friends, or even being bullied that you know that your friends are always there for you and willing to do anything to help you.  I also hope that all friends can be there for any of their friends that might be having some problems, because you never know, just a few words might just be the words that may save their life, maybe knowing that somebody is there for them and cares for them might make them take a second look at something that they are doing to harm themselves.  For anybody who might be bullying anybody at some time you might just want to think twice about what you are doing to that person, you should think about how you don’t know what that person is like.  You don’t know what their life is like at home and you don’t know what will be the breaking point to that person.  Most people here may see a person and think of what they are like but that is not always the case.  A lot of the time they may be just the opposite of what you may have imagined.  Not everybody’s life is perfect and most likely everybody in here had a flaw to their life just like I have, so when a person is bullying them it’s just one more thing to add to their worries, one more thing to add to their imperfect life, one more thing that may just push that person to their breaking point.   Always just remember to think twice about what you do or say to somebody else because as faith said, you don’t want to be that one person who was the cause of another person killing themselves.  Always remember to stick by your friends and know that if something is wrong your friends are always there for you no matter what. 

                Just to show and example, some or maybe most people don’t know me, some people might but they only see who I want them to see, I’m a totally different person a lot of the time.  You might see me around and know my name but chances are you know absolutely nothing about my life, when you see me as a person who is quiet and likes to write that that’s not all there is to me.  So here’s just a little poem I wrote that shows that you may see a person and know a bit about them but really you don’t know enough about them to judge them at all.





What People See

When a person sees me

They see a girl

Who is quiet

Who is happy

Who’s only worries are school and guys

They see a girl

With lots of friends

And never alone

They see a girl

Who reads a lot

And writes a lot

They see a girl

Who smiles a lot

And never cries

But what they see

Is not me

I am quiet

But that’s because I don’t know them

I appear happy

But there’s so many mixed up emotions

Running through my mind

I’m only sometimes truly happy

I worry more than just about school and guys

I worry if the power will shut of tomorrow

Or the next week

I worry if when I see my mom or dad

It will be the last time

I worry my friend might just hit the breaking point

And I might never see her again

I worry we might not get everything we need

To take care of our animals

I worry that I may never see my older sisters again

After so long

And might never meet my nephew

Or future nieces and nephews to come

I worry about things

No teenager should have to worry about so often

While I have lots of friends

That doesn’t mean anything

Oftentimes there’s so much drama between all these friends

And leaves me stuck in the middle

Wondering who’s going to hate me for not choosing a side

I read and I write

But that’s to keep my problems away

To help me think of something else

I may smile and never really cry

But that’s because if I cry

It doesn’t matter

Not many people care about other people’s problems

There are so many things to cry about in my life

And not as many things to smile about

But people prefer to see smiles over tears

So I smile and don’t cry

What people see

Is not me


This is the person who I am and I’m sure there are some other people out there who, like me, act like a totally different person, and somebody out there who like me acts like a different person but unlike me that other person might just hit the breaking point someday, maybe due to bullying or maybe not but chances are that person might not tell anybody before it would be too late.  So just think about what you say or do to another person before you do something that makes that person hurt themselves just a little too much, because a little too much for that person might be the end.

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