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Cool Words to Say and Spell

Miscellaneous By: indigo11roses

A list of words I made that are fun to say or spell or just great in general. If you see a repeat or have any suggestions, please tell me.

Submitted:May 3, 2008    Reads: 121,859    Comments: 186    Likes: 63   

Cool Word List: frizzle, frizzy, clang, flat, blotchy, purification, chachapoyas, beautemous, Buddha, soothing, float, boulder, picket, turbulence, claw, crusty, sophisticated, peachy, Technicolor, swashbuckle, sudsy, transparent, hem, striped, clipped, duct tape, limousine, chemical, terrific, neon, flashy, sparkle, nostril, truthiness, sonic, frick, flippers, saggy, jiggly, squelch, loopy, gnarly, radical, tattered, contortionist, biscuit, onomatopoeia, fumble, waffle, swallow, bump, artichoke, lottery, weimerheiner, buzz, wagon mound, spurt, tingle, funky, butter, skim, dimple, protruding, willow, dung, yak, neigh, epidermis, icky, kiwi, flowy, crinkle, boysenberry, kamikaze, cooties, kelp, shimmer, isolated, crawly, spongy, fluttery, minty, warbler, zigzag, trickle, zipped, freckles, shuffle, scratch, scramble, hippie, buggy, ferrets, blasphemous, Clorox, bananrific, peel, disco, shoulder, atrocious, eel, rhythmic, tremble, crunch, slushy, apprehension, expel, chunk, pinochle, blubber, heliopcentric, metamorphasize, ashen, upchuck, wormy, psychedelic, zebu, embellish, sternum, buff, establish, Fuji , tummy, morbid, bounce, glossy, guinea pig, doodle, glare, neurotic, clover, hysteria, knock, Oaxaca, zesty, vulnerable, ocelot, ripple, perched, wedgie, foamy, babble, squirrel, sway, stroll, pluck jetty, treacherous, rush, slither, shinny, coarse, skinny, furry, wispy, flare, steamy, gimpy, lisp, oxygenated wenus, manikin, peppercorn, whiskery, droopy, sliced, perturb, floral bubble, pizzazz, plasticize, scrumptious, frivolous, lobe, diplomatic, flaps, animated, instinctive, sleeveless, streaks, scrumpy, intrigued, critique, spilt, smear, brawn, differentiated, majestic, Machu Picchu, Titicaca, phalanges, Djibouti, perky ham depth, characterize, momentum , absorption, bloat, bologna, zinnea, zing, weave, maniacal, aspirin, thump, thorn, graphical, epic slap, spaghetti, raspberry, stiletto, roly-poly, bean, fool, bowchickawowwow, Kalamazoo, geeky, waxy, insomnia, arachnophobia, pumpernickel, rutabaga, parsnip, gummy, flavorful, glamorous, cordially, imported, spicy, huddle, fruitful, supplemented, starry, fealty, sprout, notation, fudge, irregular, Murphy, pellet, curricular, simile, fragmentation, nail, icicle, diced, dismembered, shave, sliver, starvation, cannibalism, chewy, Corinthian, whistle, gravitational, pulley, grassy, crabgrass, Asberger's, pesto, toothy, statistics, penny, chickadee, precipitation, piddle, hygienic, clapper, fuzzy, monumental, thunk, plop, splash, boing, suburban, external, thumb, supercalifragilisticexpialidosious, plasma, Satsuma, periwinkle, tapioca, sharpen, chunder, discombobulated, frazzled, sternoclaidomastoid, pneumonia, Albuquerque.


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