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Searching for perfection, ending up with depression

Miscellaneous By: InitiatingChange

Everyday we wake up into a society that embraces beauty and perfection. I am sick of it.

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Every single day, I wake up to a world of hatred, violence and pain. Ans no, it isn't because I am depressed. It is because I can see OUR society for its true self. I see that girl come to school in jeans and longsleeves, and in sweatpants and baggy clothes in plus 25 degree weather. And why? Because the world we live in tells us, that beauty is blonde hair, big blue eyes, perfect symmetrical face, DD boobs and a huge bum. It tells us we have to have long lanky legs but massive hips and a stomach flat as anything. We are supposed to have long luxurious hair and perfect skin. And if you don't have these things? Well then screw you. Because clothing companies won't make clothes for you, refering here to the lovely CEO of Abercombie and Fitch, who had the audacity to speak what all other clothing companies and industries do. I am a larger girl. I have a big chest and large legs from soccer. I shouldn't be seen as fat. But I am. Not only in my eyes either. Why am I fat? Well because Abercombie and Fitch, Garage, Aritzia tell me that I can't fit into their clothes. I can't squeeze myself into their petite shirts, and that their idea of an XS fits a doll from home. This is ridiculous. And the reason it is aloud, is because we buy into this. We want to have a perfect life, perfect friends and perfect reputation. We want happiness. Its natural. Except today, in our society, happiness comes from having the most friends. How do we have the most friends? We fit in. How do we fit in? We wear what everyone else wears. The problem is, WE AREN'T ALL XS. We are not all these small, hourglass figures that can be squeezed into barbie clothes. But that is what is expected. And the worst part, everyday another young girl is beginning a horrific life of self hatred and eating disorders. Everyday, another girl is trying to fit in, trying to get rid of her little stomach. And everyday, despression in young preteens is augmented, and becomes worse and worse. And it all comes down to fitting in, and "being cool. You want to know how I know? Because I was that girl. I was that little girl. The little girl with self esteem problems and daddy issues. I was the little girl that weighed a hundred in grade seven and started eating disorders then. Some guys on my bus used to call me fat. I believed it. You know what I did? I lived on a 500 calorie diet every day. It was off and on, but it was exsistent and I hated myself oh so much. Just because I couldn't fit in to what everyone else was wearing. The worst part is, I wasn't even morbidly obese. I was just a regular kid. And I wasn't the only kid that grew up this way. Depressed, starving and alone. I wasn't and I am not the only one searching to be loved and to be important. But it feels like it. So here is a huge shout out to Garage, Aritzia, American Eagle, ABERCOMBIE AND FITCH. Here is a huge shout out to the companies that don't make regular girl sizes, who don't make "un cool kid' sizes. You should be ashamed. Look what you cause in the world. Look at all the pain. Next time you go live on television to make a quote about not making clothes or hiring people that aren't perfect, think twice. There is a little girl out there, crying. Suffering. Hurting. Alone.


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