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Booksie Challenge

Miscellaneous By: inlalaland

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Submitted:Dec 19, 2012    Reads: 531    Comments: 75    Likes: 9   

Booksie Challenge by inlalaland


Because no people have signed up during the last days, the contest closed. Those who have entered prior to the closing will have their submissions accepted. Please stay tuned for my next contest and this contest's winner. Thanks for the support! :)

Here's the deal:

Hello, I'm inlalaland. If you want to know more about me, see my bio or read my writing.

If you don't know already, I really, really love romance books. They are almost as great as suspense, mystery, and action. With that being said, you could probably infer that this challenge is going to be romance themed. Here's what you do to sign up; simply locate the comment section and indicate that you would like to take part in the challenge. The winner of this booksie challenge will receive my fanning, my comments for every piece of their writing, and will also be advertised to any booksie on booksie! Sound good? Here are more details:

Rules and Regulations:

  1. ABSOLUTELY NO VULGARITY, FOUL LANGUAGE OR EXTREME SEXUAL CONTENT CAN BE INCLUDED IN YOUR STORY! Any person who fails to adhere to this rule will be automatically disqualified. PG-13 content is permitted.
  2. Be original! Please do not do the typical teen love story or use clich├ęs. Those are the worst types of romances out there. Make your love story interesting with a crazy plot or have your characters meet in the most far-fetched way. Of course, your characters must fall into marital love or you must include that in your writing. But you still can soar far beyond corny or overdramatic ideas, and by doing so, you greaten your chance of winning.
  3. Most forms of writing are accepted, not including novels and nonfiction. If your strong suit isn't in writing a short story*, you can always write a poem. Please stray away from haikus, considering the fact that they are not the best way to descriptively describe love. Every form of fiction i.e. fantasy, realistic, sci-fi, etc. as well as genre cross-overs or subgenres are welcomed. *Please remember that a short story ranges from 1-100 pages.
  4. More than 100 pages will not be accepted. I refuse to read any submission that surpasses the page limit.
  5. No plagiarism. This is self -explanatory and part of the Booksie terms and conditions.

Remember: This is a challenge. If you feel as though it is unfair, too difficult, or the winner was not appropriately chosen, please do not complain. Your Booksie membership and your rights are not dependent on the challenge and the challenge is for fun. If you have any questions regarding the challenge, please ask by posting a comment on the comment section of the following page: www.booksie.com/inlalaland

The Winner: The winner will be announced and chosen on a date that is currently undecided. The winner will receive his/her prize immediately after being announced. She/he will be chosen solely be the quality of his/her writing.

The Prize: The winner should not expect to have me read and comment on all of their immediately or at the same time. Such activities will be completed over time.

How to enter:

  1. Please announce that you are taking part in the contest by posting a comment saying so in the comment section of this page.
  2. Please ask any questions regarding the contest in the comment section of the following page: www.booksie.com/inlalaland
  3. Start writing!
  4. Submit your writing by posting it in the featured writing portion of your booksie page.
  5. Write a comment in my comment section that says you are done and I will add you to my reading list!

Please have fun with it and sign up if you like. It is mutually beneficial and I will be enthusiastic about reading the submissions. Get started!


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