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Abused and Loved 2: Broken Collage Years Character Photos

Miscellaneous By: John Marie

Tags: Love, Romance, Death, Poetry, Life, Poem, Pain, Fantasy, Sad, Hate, Sex, Hope, Hurt, Horror, Fiction, Family, Dark, Friendship, Friends, War, Heart, Humor, Depression, God, Sadness, Vampire, Loss, Girl, Story, School, Blood, Murder, Adventure, Fear, Suicide, Vampires, Mystery, Challenge, Lost, Magic, Funny, Action, Relationships, Abuse, Music, Faith, Truth, Drama, Lust, Dreams, Alone, Teen, Anger, Tears, Dream, Darkness, World, Night, Trust, Passion, Happiness, Evil, Happy, Boy, Broken, Kiss, Lies, Angel, Fun, Children, Religion, Memories, Short, Sorrow, Song, Friend, Rape, Twilight, Betrayal, Joy, Light, Soul, Gay, Drugs, Thriller, Young, Emo, Beauty, Relationship, Woman, Crime, Erotica, Nature, Mother, Science, Child, Novel, Heartbreak, Change, Man, Help, Fire, Peace, Rain, Writing, Fight, Marriage, Future, Revenge, Thoughts, Moon, Lonely, Dead, Cry, People, Hell, Heaven, High, Adult, Angels, Comedy, Grace, Eyes, Desire, Black, Violence, Confusion, Forever, Feelings, Girls, 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Character Photos for Claire, Jake, Eric, Anne, Claire's dad, Zoey, Bella, and Conner. Enjoy!!!

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When I first thought about who would look like Claire, I thought that that Ellen Page would be a perfect match. She's cute and has that shy and innocent but sweet, loving and caring look. She looks freash out of high-school and looks adorable, also having the brown hair and brown eyes. To me, I think she's pretty enough to be Claire also. Agree?


Considering that I'm a guy, it was hard for me to find the male characters XD Well, after I looked pics up on google (some I hope to forget :O) I stumbled upon this pic and he seems to be a match for Jake. Forget the earrings, he seems like the guy that would be sensative and protective. Not much to say about Jake's photo, seeing as he can practically be anybody, Agree?


Even though Eric has taken a turn for the better (or so we assume so far...) I didn't mean to choose a guy who looked mean but he looks like a football playng bad boy whois just looking to be accepted and escape his family problems which will later be explained in the story. Agree?


Who better to play Anne other than Anne Hathaway lol! Actually my character Anne was inspired by her, having the same bright, charming attitude as her, plus she has the same hairstyle also XD She looks like the kind of girl who would be rich but not stuck up but actully nice and caring. Agree?

Claire's Dad

I know he looks silly and he's the guy from Matilda but was one of the main inspirations for Claire's dad. The way he treated Matilda and his sleezy look and personality paratically made the character and made it eaiser to make Claire's dad. Agree?


Even though you haven't met her yet, I thought I might as well post her pic anyway. She is one of Claire's roomates when she goes to collage who is estatic but also smart and sweet. She also looks like the oerfect best friend for Claire. After seeing her in "Up in the Air", I knew she was the perfect fit. Agree?


She is another one of Claire's roomates when she goes to collage. She is the nerdy but pretty type, who is smart but attactive to her fellow classmates. When I saw this picture on Photobucket, I knew she was the right one. Agree?


And last but not least, we have Conner. I chose somebody who looks attractive to the lady's (I think, IDK I'm a guy XD) but also has the face of deception and having hidden secrets. He looks like you don't know if you can trust him or not. Agree?

Well those are all of them so far, I hope you enjoy and if you agree with them, tell me. An update for AAL2 will be u hopefully today or tomorrow. Thanks and comment please!


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