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everybody deserves to be loved

Miscellaneous By: Jossie

Please read this. doing so may save a child from a life of misery. it may even save a childs life.

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Everybody deserves to be loved
Everyday in the UK children, some as young as eight, dress up like teenagers and wander out on the street to sell themselves for money.
Everyday a young child in the UK runs away from their family home or children's home only to end up selling themselves on the street.
Everyday children go out onto the streets and are brought by everyday ordinary men for sex.
These children are both male and female. Some sell themselves through choice. Others are forced to sell themselves.
Some don't even charge doing it for affection.
All of these children have one thing in common although very few of them would ever admit it and some don't even realise it.
They all just want to be wanted.
And as sick as it may seem they know that they are wanted by these men, even if it is just for sexual gratification.
So what has gone wrong for these children? Why do they need to be wanted so bad that they are willing to let men abuse them just to feel wanted?
Well there are lots of reasons. Most of them going back to a bad home life, for whatever reason there parents have not giving them the love and affection they crave. Maybe they have been abused, maybe they have been neglected, and perhaps they have been bullied at school.
Whatever the reason no one can persuade these children that they should stop. No one can replace that need to be wanted. No one can undo the damage that has been done except the child themselves.
But surely if it is lack of love and lack of affection that makes children take this route then we can stop them getting to this stage simply by offering affection to our children. By being there for them and by trying to understand that what may to us seem trivial things to them is really very painful.
If you have a child make sure that that child knows that they are loved. Make sure they know that no matter what they will always have a place to go while you are around. Make sure they know that nothing and no one will come before them.
Because if your child is sitting silently weeping in there room tonight who knows where they might end up tomorrow.
The greatest gift you can give in life is love. So give it unconditionally to those around you and never let them feel alone.
Because they might just end up one of them poor children on the streets, or maybe they will grow up to be the next generation of neglecters and it will be there children roaming the streets selling themselves to perverted men.
Everyone deserves to be loved. No matter their race, age, or sexuality. So let's stop spreading hate and instead spread some love.
And maybe, just maybe we can save some children from following in the footsteps of those already selling themselves on the streets.


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