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If Every

By: katrina soroya

Page 1, This is just something I wrote when I was thinking of someone. It\'s basically a lot of hypothetical things that I\'m sure a lot of us will never get the real answer too.

If every tear that I would cry could wash away your pain I’d cry all day.
If every moment that I smile would make you smile I’d smile till my face was sore.
If every thought of you I had could make you understand how much I love you I’d let you walk inside my mind.
If every day that I wake up and wish I wasn’t here could make you understand why I say the things I do I’d wake up to you every day and night.
If every drop of blood I bleed could make you live forever I’d bleed myself dry.
If every time I dream of you would make you dream with me I would dream till the end of time.
If everything I say to you could mean what you say to me I’d talk till you went deaf.
If every time you saw me you felt the way I do when I see you I’d never leave your sight.
And if every second that I think of you could be real, then I would say I love you too.

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