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Character Page (The Side Effects of Being Eccentric)

Miscellaneous By: kleptocat

Check out Side Effects of Being Eccentric, our story, here are the character that are in the story. Read and enjoy!

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Luna... its not her real name, but no one can really tell what is. Anxiety is the least of her troubles when Luna is shipped off by her filthy rich parents to a mental hosptial full of- well, crazys. And Luna can hardly get up the courage to speak to anyone, until one day when a beautiful boy catches her eye. Will she ever be able to let him in when she has kept everyone out for so long? You know what they say, the quietest ones have the loudest minds.



Annie- With vibrant green eyes and a loud red pixie cut that just screams hello Annie is the sweet and confident girl of the group. Or so people think, with people observing your every move, waiting for you to snap wouldn't you play innocent too? Especially when you have the constant urge to hit certain people in the face. If people knew what she was really thinking she wouldn't probably be put in a mental hospit- scratch that. She's in a mental hospital for a reason. Don't let the decieving bright giggles and her tiny frame fool you.



Ron- He's always been a ladies man. His sarcastic smile and relaxed posture just reels them in. Well before he got to the nuthouse. Business for Ron has been a little... slow lately. When a pair of mysterous blue eyes and a sheet of blonde hair enter the room, Ron is a little more than excited. But is Ron really on another conquest to get laid or does he actually have emotions hidden underneath his care-free attitude?



Sadie- She kind of hates everything. Even if she got out of the mad house she dreads waking up to every morning she would just be thrown back into the foster care system, so getting better isn't really on her agenda. With condesending gray eyes, Sadie finds she can basically do whatever the fuck she wants. With the help of her friends and a girl she is coming to accept she can only ask one question. How much trouble can you cause before you get sedated?


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