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Floral Magnificence

By: L A Gardner

Page 1, Yes, this is an actual dream that I had. It\'s up for interpretation.

    I had this dream last night that I was walking through a remote desert all alone under the hot sun. every time I lifted my foot a gorgeous bouquet of exotic wild flowers immediately grew in my foot-print. But as soon as I set my foot down to take a step, they withered and died. I had left this long trail of rotting, wilted flowers that were beginning to stink.

    I tried all manners of step all different styles of walking to prevent them from dying. Nothing worked. I knew what I had to do. No matter what was at the other end of that desert I had to stop walking. I stood there and the flowers grew up from under me, surrounding me, engulfing me.

    Soon I was totally encased. They continued to grow thicker and tighter. I wasn’t dying. I was just suspended in this fantastical garden growing around and out of me. Suddenly I was no longer entangled in this wonderful foliage. I was floating in the atmosphere surrounded by dazzling stars and planets spinning all about. I had a single red rose in my hand.

    I was gazing down upon the earth in eerie silence. The world was so sullen. I gave my rose a passing sniff as I let it drop from my fingers. As soon as it touched down the planet exploded into billions of white roses. Just then I awoke with tears in my eyes.

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