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UnCalled For Though Bubbles

By: L A Gardner

Page 1, I only got about two hours sleep last night which is more than I\'ve had for the passed three nights. So these are some random facts and questions I thought of while lying in bed not sleeping.

Why did they name it 'grapefruit'? Grapes are already a fruit - you can't do that!It took me 6 years of studying German to figure out "das ist das was sie sagte" means "that's what she said"What's the singular of 'scissors' and 'galoshes'? I wish i could play the blues on the guitar . . . or anything on the guitar for that matter.The atomic symbol for lead is 'Pb' because lead in latin is 'plumbum'. That's why people who work on lead pipes are 'plumbers'.And iron is Fe - 'ferris' - that's why it's a ferris wheel.The term 'mad hatter' comes from when hatters used to form the brim of hats by licking their thumbs.There was a chemical in the fabric, so they were injesting this toxic substance which caused insanity.

If I were to come back as any animal, I'd come back as an otter.

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