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100 Lame Things About Me

Miscellaneous By: laurasstories

100 things about me

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1. I got married in 2006 and divorced in 2010. We were separated for 2 years before our divorce was final.
2. Handfasted in 2010 to the love of my life.
3. I was raped by a married, "hardcore" Christian in a Church parking lot when I was younger.
4. I used to be Christian, got baptized, and 2 years later became Pagan.
5. I'm incredibly shy despite pictures & videos.
6. I'm a great listener and a horrible talker.
7. I do not talk unless I'm extremely tired or upset.
8. My first BDSM experience was with a guy on the internet. He was a very bad Dom, who made me ask permission and call him Daddy even when I wasn't into that sort of thing. He gave real Doms a bad name.
9. I am not submissive, yet I am more submissive towards men than women.
10. I'm highly aggressive and territorial.
11. I am very controlling
12. I have a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot. I was supposed to die when I was 2 days old.
13. I do not fuck anyone unless I am attracted to them sexually.
14. I prefer my girlfriend/boyfriend/spouse to be skinny.
15. I am a porch monkey. I love sitting on the porch when it's nice outside, or even when it's storming.
16. I'm terrified of storms, but it's not as bad as it used to be. And, I'm okay if my Dad is outside with me.
17. I love my parents and sister with all that I am.
18. I am madly, obsessively in love with my mate.
19. I dated someone in the Army, but I wasn't strong enough to handle it. I chose my mate over him.
20. I married my first husband because I felt sorry for him. I wanted to give him the Family he so desperately yearned for.
21. I am the laziest person you'll ever meet.
22. I smoke cigars (more like cigarettes, but they are actually cigars)
23. I drink on occasion. I love Vodka and 7-Up.
24. I've NEVER done drugs, nor have I smoked weed.
25. I am bisexual. I've been bi since I was young, but didn't recognize it until I was older.
26. I've only had 3 real relationships.
27. I've had sex with more men than women, even though at the time I wanted women more.
28. I am a Daddy's girl.
29. I met my husband in a group; I'm no longer a member of, on Facebook.
30. I am an erotica writer. I've been writing erotica for years, but it took someone in a chat room to talk me into posting them on websites. I started posting them in 2009.
31. When I am sick, no matter how old I am, I will always want my Mom.
32. I had a hysterectomy in January, 2012.
33. I never had kids, even though I wanted them so bad. I was unable to get pregnant despite teas, stones, etc.
34. My best friends are my sister and husband.
35. I flipped a four-wheeler when I was younger.
36. I do not drive. I do not have my license. I have had my permit and have driven. Nightmares have stopped me from getting them.
37. I was diagnosed with migraines when I was 20.
38. I am a misanthrope and only like those I let in my 'little' circle.
39. I am a natural born Witch. I am not book taught. My power comes from within.
40. I am a homebody. I love being at home. When I want to actually go out is when I have cabin fever.
41. I love to read.
42. I will be gallbladder and appendix free on Friday.
43. I love animals and nature.
44. My favorite animals (aside from Dogs) are Wolves and Tigers.
45. I am not a domesticated cat person. I'm still trying to figure out how I ended up with 3 of them.
46. I do not believe in karma. At all.
47. I never was a mushy person or an attention whore until I met my husband
48. I've never dated anyone from my town. I've always met people from online and begun relationships there and brought them to "real" status. Meaning, it was a real relationship when we met in person.
49. When I love, I love for life until you betray me.
50. I get bored and distracted easily.
51. I love to learn. I love to do research.
52. I am obsessed with Dinosaurs, prostitutes, serial killers, and ancient places.
53. If I don't like you or don't want to talk to you, I will ignore you.
54. It's hard for me to ask for help and if I do, I expect immediate response.
55. I love Indiana, but I hate the people in it.
56. I've never lived anywhere other than in Indiana, but I have lived in different cities in Indiana.
57. I love to travel. I love to take pictures.
58. I am a camera whore. I love having people take pictures of me. I also love taking self-shots.
59. I love guns.
60. I am a Sadist. But, I can also be a masochist, but only on MY terms, not yours. Definitely a masochist when it comes to tattoos. They turn me on.
61. I would rather live in Canada than America. But, I would rather live in Scotland than both Canada and America.
62. I look more Scottish even though my Dad's family comes from Germany and my Mom's family comes from Germany, Scotland, Ireland, and Italy.
63. I am a vampire. A blood one, not a psychic/energy one.
64. If I don't talk to you, I will remove you without saying a word.
65. I have never lived in the country, but that is where I want to be.
66. My favorite place, outside of home, is at Bass and Bucks.
67. I adore Leigh and Bobbi.
68. I'm changing my relationship with my cousin, whom, I was jealous of.
69. I love Saturday night date nights with my husband and cousin
70. I am in a paranormal group. Even though I am on hiatus right now.
71. I have an EVP, with a spirit saying that I am a force to be reckoned with.
72. I would die for my family and my adopted family, but not my friends. Unless I told you otherwise.
73. I always keep my promises. Even if it takes me years to do it.
74. I never lie, but I don't always tell you everything.
75. I won't answer a question unless it's specific.
76. I will remove those who only want me for sex, or to use me for my abilities (which are asleep).
77. I am a Reiki master.
78. I am in love with and would marry Zeph.
79. I am in also in love with SubKitti.
80. I am naïve and it gets me into trouble.
81. I yearn to be worshipped, loved, obeyed, etc. by the person I am with
82. I am fascinated with BDSM, or aspects of it.
83. I am interested in polygamy. But…
84. I am insecure.
85. I do not give myself enough credit.
86. I live in the same apartment complex as my parents.
87. I receive SSI due to my heart problem and other health issues.
88. I am a contradiction wrapped up in an enigma
89. I AM allergic to latex and nickel.
90. I am overweight because I was told for years (up til I was 19) not to do any exercise by my Cardiologist at Riley. By the time he told me to do it, the damage was already done. My weight goes down and goes back up again just to do it all over again.
91. I am schizoaffective, but they told me to just say I am Bipolar.
92. I have had many abusive relationships online. Yet, I keep going on.
93. I have tried to kill myself several times.
94. I am a high school dropout. I dropped out in my sophomore year. 2 weeks before my birthday.
95. I have tried getting my GED 5 times, but always quit. I have also tried getting my HS diploma online, but couldn't pay for it anymore so I had to quit.
96. I don't give up when I need to, however, I give up when I shouldn't.
97. I am racist.
98. I believe females are the superior sex, because we 'have' to put up with a lot, bear and raise children, cook, clean, etc.
99. I do not think I am worth anything
100. Contradiction from 98; I think we all are/should be equals.


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