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Ground floor going up

Miscellaneous By: Lewis Poe

Tags: Me, Opinions, Life

My story. My life. My views. If you like comment if not comment let me know how to make reading on my page better.

Submitted:Jun 5, 2013    Reads: 8    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

If you don't wanna here about someone's life and opinions if your not curious then, simply, fuck off. Ha ha ha. I'm just kidding. Sorta. Check out some other stories or I wrote and leave a comment tell me if you like something or you want me to make more of something. Anyways I figured the appropriate way to start off, is tell how I found my way to booksies. It's not my first time writing about my life and opinions. 6th grade I had to write an autobiography, fun. And I have one friend who just constantly asks me shit about my life. So all my life I've been good with my words but bad at spelling. I could talk my way out of trouble, ask me to write a persuasive essay and I'll just about shit my pants. Anyways I always wanted to write I thought it'll be fun. It was for a bit but then I stopped. I started writing some skits for the school and it got great laughs. Any ways during the last skit I met a girl. We hung out. We were good friends she told me she writes on some website I said sounds like fun and I went looking for my own. I came across a website and I came up with my name Lewis Poe. Why pick a name like that? Lewis Caroll and Edgar Allan Poe are the main people who inspired me to write the way I do. I plan to write more story's like which do you choose or something like that. It was the first story I wrote. Back to story. It was late I had just got done listening to Marilyn Manson. I like lord of the rings and I found it really scary when volume has that split personality thing. And I like the idea that everyone has a dark side that takes over...so what if your dark side broke free. And there came my inspiration for "What will it be?" (that's the name of the first story) I thought it was fun I didn't care to do more, until I read my emails and found an email from booksies telling me I had a comment. I read it expecting to hear you need therapy. Instead it was a compliment. So then came my idea, well let's see how far I can push my writing. So then came James Franco...(FUCK why couldn't someone tell me he's the guy from pineapple express and spider man) anyways if you haven't read it that is one I suggest and if you don't like it, to everyone their own. Did you think I was gonna say fuck you again? I got another comment a couple days later saying I do good writing I made this person feel the pain. I felt good I enjoyed writing at this point. I never started to get popular and have people love me. No I hate it. I don't like attention. I do this to have fun. And I like to kind of interact with people. If I can make one person feel the need to look over their shoulder after or while reading my stories I've done a job well done. I don't wanna make this too long this is a prologue to Ground floor going up. Hope you read more. I hope to have chapter one done by...June 9th. I'll hopefully upload it around 11:00pm the 8th though. Quick note rest of these will not be kid friendly so make sure your kids arent around or make sure your parents are around.


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