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Ground floor going up chapter one

Miscellaneous By: Lewis Poe

My story. What I been through in my infant years.

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So chapter one to my story...I had wrote my life instead of my story. It's not really a life, until you get a steady job and your on your own, only then has your life truly begun. Most people don't remember when they were 1. Unfortenetly my Mom recorded things that happened and I guess my older brother kinda molested me. He lived with his mom, didn't come around really ever (court shit or whatever), anyways this was his first time seeing me. He goes to my mom with the camera in her hand and asked "where's the baby?" My mom pointed to the kitchen, he runs over, she follows. He just asked "Is this the baby?" you hear "Nick no!" and then camera focuses on my brothers hand on my diaper where my dick was sleeping beneath. Me and my brother have bad luck with each others dicks. We are not gay. I am not gay. He is not gay. He has a beautiful girlfriend and I have...and I just got out of something. Many times we've seen and accidentally touched each others dicks. We've witnessed each other get boners. But today me and him have a strong Friendship even though we're half brothers. My mom and dad went on a date to the movies. Left me with someone from their church. Black couple, very nice from what I heard. My mom goes to the door and says thanks, she says the movie was good. The guy says anytime, and then says congratulations. My mom puzzled asked why. And he said "your boy is well in down." my moms jaw drops and says what. He said I was an above average size for my age. She just forgets it and goes to the car. When I was younger I got massive bloody noses...allot. One day my mom was driving home at night, I fall asleep and get a bloody noses I'm 1 still, and I'm asleep. No way I'm waking up. But I feel something weird so I rub my face. And I just keep rubbing. Finally my mom gets home, opens my door and sees the blood. She lets out a scream waking up a few neighbors and me. I know I'm just kinda doing a story a paragraph but...oh well it's how I'm gonna do it. About a month before my 2nd birthday...bye bye mom. She left ran away packed up and left she was young she was maybe 21, 22. Something like that never leaves I've had many fail relationships just because I keep guarded or jump ship just because, I find it hard to believe if my mom didn't want me who would. I'm getting better on it now though. My dad moved out of his place and moved in with my grams. Dad kinda shut down got fat stopped paying attention to me...I don't think he ever wanted to be a dad. Anyways my grams turned into my mom and my dad. She bought me food, clothes, toys, took me where I had to go. Even now to this fucking day, my dad (remarried to a bitch) still has not stepped up to the plate. My grams stills buys all my shit...only now my brother is chipping in and helping me out.


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