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Work of Heart

Miscellaneous By: Lolli Dee

It's another one of my contests! Read more below!

Submitted:Dec 25, 2012    Reads: 64    Comments: 11    Likes: 2   

Love is in the air... Ah, not really.

Hello! I'm Lolli Dee! This beautiful world you've stepped into is my Contest World! This is my second contest here; so I know the rules! Er-- Sorta. Let's begin with a little poem, shall we?

Roses are read,

Violets are blew,

And I love ewe.

Wait... that doesn't look right... Oh, silly me! I've messed up the words! Read should be red, blew should be blue and ewe should be you! Thank heavens I didn't send that out to my 'lover'! That would have been a catastrophe. And embarrassing.

Do you see how important it is to make sure that everything is correct? Well, before I go into rules, I'm going to enlighten you with what this whole contest is about! Sound fair?

This contest is all about ROMANCE! Yes, you read that right. R-O-M-A-M-C-E. I'm in such a horrid mood lately that I haven't been reading. I MISS MY ROMANCE NOVELS! So, instead of reading a whole gosh-darn novel, I'm going to read your entrance thingy-ma-bobs. Anywho~ I'm going to have seven (because that's the best number ever) options for pictures that you're going to be writing about; they all will have some sort of inspiration to them. You pick out your picture and *POOF* you've got yourself a story to write! The rules (which I desperately need to be known) are as follows:

1. No erotica. At all. It's just not my style, nor is it my interest. And sorry to say that gay/lesbian stories aren't allowed for this contest either...

2.Seriously, SPELL CHECK! There's this awesome little thing called SCAYT. It means Spell Check As You Type. And it's on Booksie! So don't you dare say that you don't have Microsoft Word and you can't spell check. Because then you're lying. And I don't like liars.

3. Short stories only. No poems, no novels, no songs, no whatever else you think you can come up with. I want fictional/ fantasy-like short stories. We understand each other? Good.

4. Get your story in on time. I hate having to do this, but if your story isn't in on time, YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY DISQUALIFIED! Last time I was nice and gave you FOUR extra days to work on it. Look, if you aren't going to turn it in on time, don't even bother with this contest. (Unless you talk to me and we sort it out. I'm not completely heartless.) Mkay?

Speaking of getting things in on time...

The "due" date for our little love stories will be...

January 25, 2013

Which means you have a whole month to work on your story. That's 30-ish days for you to story plan, charrie plan, write it out, spell check it, submit it and whatever else you have to do.

Now, for the not so fun part: grading. Below is LITERALLY how I am going to grade your submission. (I suggest to check over everything before you publish it and give it to me to grade. Once you tell me it's done, I read it once. If you fix something and tell me to read it again, too bad, so sad. I've read it once, it's already been graded. Make sense? Good.

Official Grading form from Lolli Dee~

Creative Title (1-5 points): I don't want a crap title like "My Entry for Lolli Dee's Contest". PUT THAT IN YOUR DARN SUMMARY PEOPLE! You don't even have to put it in at all if you don't want. Just come up with a creative and catchy title. You won't be sorry! It's actually GRADED, so why not?

Spelling (1-5 points): You've got SCAYT and spell check on Microsoft Word (or, if you're like me, Pages) This shouldn't even be a gosh-darn thing I grade you on, but I don't trust that the correct spelling will happen if I don't include this so...

Grammar (1-10 points): I know, it's a lot of points. This section includes things from punctuation to those annoying run on sentences. Don't give me:

"He ran downstairs and got his suitcase and then went back up and then he saw that he was missing his toothbrush so he couldn't brush his teeth and now he was sad because his toothbrush was gone."

Like, what?! Here's how that sentence could have been a correct grammar paragraph:

"The boy ran down the carpeted steps, taking two at a time. He was in such a hurry. He leaped over to the closet, searching through the shoes at the bottom. His suitcase was somewhere down there, and he just had to find it. He pushed aside a pair of his mother's red heels that she often wore to formal parties and discovered that his suitcase was already packed for him. He lugged the heavy thing back up the stairway, the bottom of the suitcase making a steady thump, thump, thump as it hit the steps. Dragging it back to his room, he opened it up to check that everything he needed was there. Clothes; check. Money; check. Teddy bear; check. Now, where was his toothbrush? He rummaged around for a few seconds, only to discover that it wasn't there. He sighed wearily, now unhappy that he was missing his dinosaur toothbrush. It had a green handle with white bristles and at the very bottom was a picture of his favorite dinosaur, the T-Rex. It was missing; his most favorite toothbrush was missing. ....."

I think you get the point... But seriously, grammar is extremely important. Like I said before, it isn't just commas and periods; it's the structure of your sentences.

Creativity (1-15 points): Who has ever wanted to read a boring story for fun? You? No, I didn't think so. You don't want to read "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after." Talk about B-O-R-I-N-G. How about, "Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a cup of poison. Jack fell dead and broke his head, and Jill came cackling after." Okay, that was a little morbid, but you get the picture, right? Sorry if I scarred you with the horrible images of the childhood tales becoming evil...

Flow (1-15 points): Flow is defined as how well a story progresses while maintaining and interesting rhythm. (Okay, that's my definition, but it still works.) So, to check your "flow," ask yourself these questions:

*Is my story choppy?

*Does my story shift from one scene to the other too quickly/ in a way an outside reader cannot understand?

*Is my story going the same speed the whole time? If so, what can I do to slow things down/ speed things up?

*Does my story remain at an uphill interest until the climax? If not, how can I keep the energy going?

So, here's the total points possible: 50 points

Here's the -er- least amount of points: 5 points

Which one sounds better to you? Yeah, the 50. Most of it comes from Grammar/Spelling, but you can still lose because you aren't creative.

Okay, now, for the FUN THINGS!! PRIZES!

Grand Prize Winner: I fan you, read and comment on 2 of your pieces, promote your work for a month (like the month of February, March, April...) and have you be a main charrie in an upcoming short story. (In the fan request, you'll get the link to a different page that will let me discuss things with you.)

First Runner Up: I fan you, read and comment on 1 piece, promote your work for three weeks, and have you be a supporting charrie in an upcoming short story. (In the fan request, you'll get the link to a different page that will let me discuss things with you.)

Second Runner Up: I will fan you, and promote your work for a week!

Okay, now for the most exciting part of this whole thing... PICTURES!








And for goodness sake, don't let them all be happy all the time! YOU MUST TORTURE YOUR CHARACTERS OCCASIONALLY OR THEY THINK THEY CAN CONTROL YOU!

Good luck, and Happy Writing!


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