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What a Carry aON

Miscellaneous By: Mark Quay

This reflect on a small comany called aon how they failed to professionaly handle a complaint, the consequences of this. A warning to all never give up because "all it takes for evil to prevail is for good people to do nothing!

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Part One

Kevin was unsure what to do when he saw among his in box an email from a familiar name. He did not expect anything from her due to the acrimonious way they had split. Vincy had shouted at him accused him of criticizing her though neither new what she really meant. One time she was accusing Kevin of "damaging their relationship" which he realized was completely untrue. Vincy had turned in an instant against him during the Easter break and true to form a later Email was shouting "I admit I am to blame if that's what you want me to say" Vincy was a confused defensive girl using her female wiles on her new friends to ensure they were onside.

Eventually bravely and with much uncertainty he opened the email and read it. In her pigeon written English Vincy started with "Can you stop send rubishees I don't have a relationship with you. I don't owe you anything if I do tell me and I will send it you"

Kevin laughed and later with what entailed from the aon group he recalled it and described their responses to him as "Rubishees"

The significant element though was the address it came from without any mention of the contents of this Email represents the opinions of the author it came from vincy.chan@aon.hk.com.

Mark and Kevin where sat down in Kevin's living room talking over a coffee. Kevin had invited Mark who was intrigued to know more. Idol curiosity maybe but Mark despite his marital status took an interest in his friend and the affair especially which had been very cruel to him.

"Well what's it all about Kevin" asked Mark placing his mug on a Costa in anticipation and interest.

"Well Mark" responded Kevin "You know about Vincy and me"

"Yes" replied Mark "I even wrote to her to say how cruel she was"

"She should be shot" I told her

"And you still send the annoying Blackie Emails"

"Are they only to her I hope"

"Well Mark I showed you that Email she sent"

Mark thought "the one where she called you rubishees and tried to pay you off to clear her guilty conscious"

"Yes" responded Kevin

"She claimed she had done nothing wrong then contradicted herself"

"Well I followed it by complaining to aon on their so called ethics line"

"What was the response?" asked Mark

"Here take a look" said Kevin and handed his friend a few sheets of paper with print outs.

Mark looked down and read then re read it seemed an age was it five minutes perhaps longer then Mark looked up.

"What's this?" he asked "they want details of other incidents why?"

"Mmm" "I see you side stepped that ploy and carried on"

"I wouldn't't let them get away with that" responded Kevin

"So they admitted unprofessional behavior and abuse by Vincy"

"Where is the apology Kevin please? Have you got another sheet!?"

"No!" responded Kevin "just that"

"Disgraceful! Though you have done well to get that confession from them Kevin"

"Now they want to close it I see using the confidentiality excuse pathetic"

"What have they got to hide why can't they say we apologize for our employee's unprofessional behavior we have spoken severely to her and she expressed regret at her writing"

"They are being very stubborn" "I agree" responded Kevin

"Do you suspect they want to protect her" asked Mark

"Yes" responded Kevin "A sweet talking female employee compared to an unknown trouble maker"

"Maybe" responded Mark "but have they not read the Email"

"I think I have achieved as much as I can though"

"May be" responded Mark "Give it a rest for a while if you wish"

"Ok" "But I won't let them win outright"

The Ape man factor

Kevin opened his Emails there was a few and he went through deleting those of no interest and any spam. Only a few were left one from Mark and another from some person in Hong Kong. He recognized the name as a person he was acquainted with but had broken off relations with. The heading was curious Vincy Chan without prejudice.

Kevin answered Marks Email first saying he was going to temporarily halt his reporting to aon as he had made his points clearly and gained many concessions from aon despite which they were resisting dealing with the issue properly. Kevin realized they where being stubborn and in truth did not want to concede and be a big company.

He also mentioned the other Email and carried on with his face book page.

Mark responded later saying in his email


That is wise though don't give up putting pressure on them (referring to little aon) they may concede more and as we always say giving in to bullies means they win.

Was that the fellow who wasn't't interested in Vincy's dispute with you he was not interested in the facts or truth?

Did he say you should settle your dispute in private even though he was not interested to find out if you had tried that!

Maybe he has realized something and as you say apologizing!? Does he have the integrity to do something like that strange heading though?


Kevin read Marks Email then went to the other headed Vincy Chan without prejudice

As he opened and commenced reading it Kevin's jaw dropped so vile was the contents.

He divided it up despite the offense and threats in its contents

  1. threat
  2. accusation
  3. other remarks including aon
  4. conclusion that after the threats he hoped common sense would prevail

Kevin forwarded this on with a comment to Mark

He is the person who proclaims the message "reveal the lies" even though as you remember he isn't interested in the truth. What do you think Mark

Mark responded the next Evening and Kevin read it

"What a bully not only stubborn and ignorant he then has the cheek to end the Email with "I do hope common sense prevails" after threatening you Who does that vile person think he is.

Kevin have you been harassing Vincy how many Emails do you send her daily two hundred no! five no one or no more than once a month maybe. He doesn't't say or provide ant content that may upset her.

The truth is you have upset and worried her and the little monkey can't use reason and logic. You could say you want to speak to the organ grinder not the monkey but no ape understands that.

How does he know about your aon report its none of his business. She has been talking scared of the truth what have you said that worries Vincy? As you say he isn't interested in the truth and you have given aon the chance to close they refused he is too stupid to realize that. (or he doesn't't want to know that)

Come over tomorrow and we can talk more.

Following on from that and his conversation Kevin got Kate to respond a few days later he reviewed the response and Kevin sought Marks advice on the phone

"Ok Kevin this is what I suggest should fool and shut him up"

Kevin listened and agreed to act as instructed.

A week later Kevin was passing Mark in the street

"Hi Mark"

"Any reply from Chairman Mow" asked Mark

"No" responded Kevin

"Good" stated Mark "it's worked the con"

"what an idiot?" Kevin responded

"He thinks he has won and in the future he may realize the truth!"

The successful con

Renewing the report to aon

"Hi Kevin" Mark stated happily receiving a jolly response of

"Hi Mark" in return

"No Kate with you?" asked Mark as he opened the door further to allow his friend in from the cold.

"No sorry" stated Kevin "she has another engagement" added Kevin in a rather nervous manner not looking at Mark.

"Come in and take a seat it's a very nippy night"

"Can I take your coat?"

Kevin removed his coat and scarf wrapped lightly around his neck to protect as best it could the ravages of the dark cold December night.

"Sarah's is not in either can I offer you a warm coffee"

"Yes please" eagerly responded Kevin

Mark a few minutes later brought in two mugs one his own white with sugar and for his guest a strong black which he offered to Kevin who quickly took his first few sips.

"That's good" Kevin thanked his host

"How are you?"

"Good" responded Mark "Thank you for coming on such a freezing night"

"I'm glad our other halves are unavailable on this occasion" stated Mark

"I can ask now!" " Have you thought about restarting your complaint to aon?"

"It's been a few months now and they've had enough time to think! Do you agree?"

"Oh yes!" enthusiastically responded Kevin you are right aon if they were to think and contemplate have enjoyed more than enough time."

"I never intended to let them get away with it"

"And as for that stupid person!"

"Who the ape or vc"

"Both!" responded Kevin I will not allow the ape to bully me he is a coward and as for Verity Changry oops sorry I meant Vincy I have let her off the hook a bit"

"So we both agree you must not the bullying ape and little aon win"

Mark added by pointing out facts

"aon a little company now in danger of going under so think What has been achieved so far and what can be achieved?"

"Yes" he continued "aon has admitted the unprofessional behavior of one of their employee following an ethics report which aon corporate staff dealt with correct?"

"yes" was the response

"and they felt the need to warn their employee even though they refuse to state what this action was. Scared to admit something using the secrecy excuse"

Kevin nodded

"So scared that they attempted to put you off pursuing this report by asking for irrelevant other examples"

"Why Kevin did you achieve so much?"

Kevin looked back pleased with the valued support from his friend he new their would be some negatives though and they were soon to follow as he continued to listen

"Have aon benefited from the break and the chance to think and reconsider?"

"Well I hope so" Kevin responded "But from what has happened so far I anticipate continued negativity from aon"

"Would they give ground/be reasonable?"

"No!" replied Kevin

"So" Mark completed his points with a question "How and which issues to emphasize?"

"Plus is it possible to overload their ethics complaints so they cannot cope!?"

At that point the front door was unlocked and in walked Sarah "Hello Kevin" she smiled "what's up?

"oh Mark and me are chatting"

"where you been?"

Oh to the pictures to see the film with a classic introduction "from small acorns do large trees grow"

Mark interjected with another great line "

All that is needed for evil to succeed is for good men and women to do nothing"

Sarah left the room "good" Mark said

" You Kevin are right to carry on"

"You need to plan and attack think about when and where"

"I have responded" Kevin "this is my plan"

" You aim to ignore their stupid blame you speak to their employee response

"yes" added Kevin

"correct its a separate issue your report relates to aon only they are attempting a ploy to get you to stop pursuing this!"

"Aim for an overload you won't succeed unless others are complaining"

"The threat is more effective than the act!"

Downstairs the sound of Xmas Carols on the television played as upstairs Kevin typed away. The process was not easy as obstacles were put in the way.

"Dam" and then Kevin muttered to himself "this form is a nuisance why can't I just put other"

"Europe! I'm writing from Europe"

"ring Ring Ring Ring"

"Hello Mark here"

"Hello Mark Kevin here Merry Christmas"

"And to you" replied Mark "what you been up to"

"Sad as this I did what you suggested"

"How many?" asked Mark?

"Only five or six"

"A good start" "did you cover all reports"

"Yes" responded Kevin

"I put one in full and stated I would separate each new additional complaint as aon where not capable to digest"

"Can I see" asked Mark

"Certainly I'll Email"


From what you told me you made each point clearly and politely as possible. Aon are a big company acting in desperation to defend themselves and their employee. They have admitted much and you correctly emphasize these points and many.

Despite this expect nothing from little aon or their employee. Making valid points is never enough unless the numbers add up or aon fear public uproar they will do nothing hear no evil see no evidence and admit nothing.

Stubbornness' is not only a human weakness.

Let me see their response it may be very funny!


"Hi Kevin"

"Hi Mark I've gathered the latest responses from aon"

"What do you think?" asked Mark

"Not very impressive"

"OK send me the details and I will tell you what I think"

"They are still going to be awkward"

"Ok Bye" and the phone went down

A week later Kevin was reading Mark's Email response.


I am utterly appalled at aon they clearly are trying to pass the buck don't they realize their employee should resolve her personal issues. A responsible organization would ask their employee no actually demand that the employee does so.

In on honesty they know she will be stubborn and for some inexplicable reason are abdicating their responsibility to you.

It may even be a ploy attempting to get you off their back.

At least 3 closed no reply you are starting to overwhelm they cannot cope and even more at least four Parrot answers.

Your main points

On Sunday 18th November 2012 I emailed mackenzie.lucas@aonhewitt.com with my complaint as suggested. At the time of writing 13 days later (10 working days) I have received no response or acknowledgement.
As you have looked at the matter several times I think it is about time Aon resolved the issue. I must point out that aon change excuses from asking for more evidence, to using confidentiality excuses and/or providing no evidence to support claims of well trained staff.
To close any complaint you need agreement. Therefore the Aon options are to reach agreement answer questions honestly and ensure your employee resolves any private matters that affect aon. Or refuse and continue with this and further complaints!

Ethical Complaint 2. 23/12/2012
this is my second complaint to aon and as the first was never resolved and remains open relating to the BEHAVIOR towards me of aon Employee.

And all aon want to do is pass the buck!

Mr Markey

2/11/20138:21AM posted by Organization

Aon maintains confidentiality of all investigations and did not breach confidentiality in this matter. As previously stated, this is a personal matter between you and another party. Please resolve the matter directly with that party.

Kevin responded by Email

Did I show this to you Mark what do you think has happened to Cheryl?

Details 23/12/2012
when a complaint is made do aon and their employees have a duty of confidentiality not to reveal details or even that a specific complaint was made by a specific person towards them or employee?
It has been drawn to my attention that
an aon employee revealed detail of a complaint to a third party.
The third party threatened the complainer sighting the complaint towards aon (which is none of his business) stirring up the complaint and adding stress.

Should a third party get involved when it is none of his business and he his not employed by aon?
Do aon condemn his involvement?
What action if any is the least that aon will take?

12/26/201210:27AM posted by Organization

I am the HR Connect Consultant that has been assigned to the issue that you submitted. I would really like the opportunity to talk with you directly and be able to understand more about the concerns that you have. I can set up a conference call that you could dial into and still maintain your anonymity. As a reminder, Aon's Code of Business Conduct strictly prohibits retaliating against an associate for filing a workplace complaint and/or cooperating in an investigation.

Can you let me know if you would be willing to talk further?


1/22/201310:31AM posted by Reporter


Thank you for your response dated the 26th December 2012 it was very good of you to reply promptly. I am sorry for my delay in responding I am a very busy person however I am as you gather very angry over this issue I am not prepared to give in to stubbornness or aggression. I note however my anonymity has been broken already!
Despite this I have no problem in discussing the issue with others I have no problem in revealing the name and details of the third party.

I will add in defense of the Aon employee they did not intend the malicious intent and acted due to naivety and desperation.
This irrational behavior was despite the Aon employee having the ability and knowledge to speak politely without resorting to the aggression of the third party.
Only lack of courage and proper guidance resulted in seeking assistance from some one who should have known better and took advantage of a vulnerable person.

I look forward to hearing from you via this report and eventually singing the praises of you and Aon.


1/22/20139:25AM posted by Organization


As communicated to you several times, Aon has looked into your concerns and determined it was a personal matter between you and an Aon colleague. We consider this matter closed.

2/11/20138:30AM posted by Organization

Aon maintains confidentiality of all investigations and did not breach confidentiality in this matter. As previously stated, this is a personal matter between you and another party. Please resolve the matter directly with that party.

Kevin read Mark's reply


Cheryl is lucky if her organization were in China she would be taken outside and shot! She has probable been reprimanded demoted well the nameless later employee has probable been given a medal a hefty pay rise and a grand title.

That's the difference between someone who wants to help in an organization that is only interested in defending its own interests. Ethics have gone out of the window a bit like asking Hitler to be reasonable with the Jews and not send them to the chambers.

Hat can you do carry on making valid points or say nothing and let aon think they have won. That I am afraid is the only choice.

Having said that you did well to get such a positive response and aon don't deserve such well trained employees.


Aon admission

Kevin rushed in with a full printed sheet in his hands waiving it at Mark

"Can you read this Mark?" he asked "please" added when remembering his manners and handed it to Mark who took it from him and standing looked down.

"This is a copy of the latest response from aon right" he asked of Kevin

"Yes" was the response

Kevin sat down to allow time for Mark to read it and re read it

Mark spoke

" So aon warn their employees about not disclosing confidential information to outsiders"

"Yes" responded Kevin "like a matron they say employees are reminded of their duty of confidentiality"

"Then they admit staff tickle tattle with outsiders" responded Mark

"Mmm" "so according to aon staff break the duty of confidentiality"

"What's more" added a not surprisingly annoyed Kevin "They won't even slap the wrist of the offenders"

"In fact" responded Mark looking down and pointing to the sheet "aon expect the victim to deal direct with their offending children!"

"Did I hear that right/" asked a female voice entering the room

They both looked up it was Mark's wife "Oh I didn't't see you there" as she entered with a cup of coffee for both men and one for herself.

"Sorry I couldn't't help overhearing"

"So aunty aon have abdicated their responsibility of dealing with staff who break the duty of confidentiality"

"Yes" in unison both men responded

"And expect Kevin to speak to Vincy about her wrong doing knowing she won't listen even if it where possible for him to do so" "A sneaky tactic me thinks!"


Thank you for raising your concern with Aon. All reports of misconduct are investigated. Parties to an investigation are reminded about confidentiality; however, some may choose to discuss with others. If you have specific concerns about a matter and can provide details, we will look into the matter, to the extent possible.

2/11/2013 09:03 AM
Aon maintains confidentiality of all investigations and did not breach confidentiality in this matter. As previously stated, this is a personal matter between you and another party. Please resolve the matter directly with that party.

Kevin looked at the latest responses

No surprise there he thought to himself

Mocking has hurt so much they have no reply which is an improvement on the rubbish they previously put wonder what Mark would think.

"Mark I found something in their code of conduct"

"aon code" Mark responded


"good" responded Mark after hearing what Kevin had to say

"you can report it although aon will ignore it as they have everything else today"

"I agree" responded Kevin

"Its all about being a nuisance and making valued points"

"even though I know they are not interested and reply with a crooked bat!"

"That's correct Kevin"

"Glad you found the bit where aon admitted their employee's discus confidential reports"

"It needs a proper investigation that is Independent aon are about a cover up (the ass of employee)"

"They cannot provide evidence" commented Kevin "Are aon Transparent? They lack morale courage"

"Changing the subject Kevin" interjected Mark Did you see the latest biq question program when a whistle blower was ignored?"


"The response from the company was to attack the person(reporter/complainer) and not deal with the issue."

"aon are doing exactly that" Kevin concluded.

"Hi Kevin" said Mark on the front lawn enjoying a warm evening

"Hi" responded Kevin "Have you got a minute?" he asked "I got something to show you!"

"sure" responded Mark

"Come on in do you want a coffee?"

"no thanks" responded Kevin "Look at this on my lap top "

"where?" enquired Mark

"below the September 11 attacks"

Mark brought his reading glasses down to his face and read it was a long list on the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aon_plc#September_11_attack link

"interesting" he said "What does it prove ? though"

"well aon have got form"

"true" answered Mark

"haven't you said from small acorns do oak trees grow?"

"yes" responded Mark

"Does this show that what started off as a small stunt that worked led to greater unworthy acts?"

"Mmm" "I get your point and true enough!"

Spitzer investigation

In 2004-2005 Aon, along with other brokers including Marsh & McLennan and Willis, fell under regulatory investigation under New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer and other state attorneys general. At issue was the practice of insurance companies' payments to brokers (known as contingent commissions). The payments were thought to bring a conflict of interest, swaying broker decisions on behalf of carriers, rather than customers. In the spring of 2005, without acknowledging any wrongdoing, Aon agreed to a $190 million settlement, payable over 30 months.

[edit] UK regulatory breach

In January 2009, Aon was fined £5.25 million in the UK by the Financial Services Authority who stated that the fine related to the company's inadequate bribery and corruption controls, claiming that between January 14, 2005 and September 30, 2007 Aon had failed to properly assess the risks involved in its dealings with overseas firms and individuals. The Authority did not find that any money had actually made its way to illegal organizations. Aon qualified for a 30% discount on the fine as a result of its cooperation with the investigation. Aon said its conduct was not deliberate, adding it had since "significantly strengthened and enhanced its controls around the usage of third parties".[18]

[edit] US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations

In December 2011, Aon Corporation paid a $16.26 million penalty to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the US Department of Justice (DOJ) for violations of the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).[19] According to the SEC, Aon's subsidiaries made improper payments of over $3.6 million to government officials and third party facilitators in Costa Rica, Egypt, Vietnam, Indonesia, the United Arab Emirates, Myanmar and Bangladesh, between 1983 and 2007, in order to obtain and retain insurance contracts.[20]


The Author of this piece on this occasion only has waived the right to copy write on this writing only!


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