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Krinler Literature Illustration Competition

By: mkkrinler

Page 1, Close your eyes and spin three times, we have an art competition on.

The debut issue of Krinler Literature has been pushed to June!

This means that the magazine, sponsored by Muse and the Mode Magazine, has another month and a half to get all of the art submissions possible for publication. We are asking for artists to compete for their illustration to be published, for one of the two stories being featured.

This will be an excellent chance for any aspiring artist or photographer to add a tearsheet to their portfolio. We are taking submissions from any art programs or individual artists willing to compete.

The criteria for the illustration comes directly from the content of the two stories being featured. "The Wrinkle in the Rug" and "Through the Cellar Door" have been chosen. Artists can choose any scene from either story for submittal. As well as illustrations for the body of the magazine, and an illustration for the cover.

The cover page submission should include; a picture inspired by one of the stories, the title Krinler Literature, and the sponsor, "Muse and the Mode". The magazine title should be large and easy to read, while the sponsor text should be smaller or implied (artistically), somewhere in the illustration.

While the stories are oriented towards a young adult audience containing elements of violence and adult language, the illustrations, especially the cover page, should not be overly grotesque or inappropriate for a general audience. Everyone will be seeing this magazine on stands in the local book stores and coffee shops.

Staff from Muse and the mode, and the author of both stories from Krinler Literature will be the final judges in this competition, and the winners will be notified immediately upon final selection. You will retain the rights to your work and it will only be used in this specific publication.

The following links will take you to the stories to be illustrated, as well as the Krinler Literature and Muse and the Mode websites. You may submit via e-mail. Please send your zipped 300dpi jpg to:, or a link to your dropbox shared folder.

The Wrinkle in the Rug:

Through the Cellar Door

Muse and the Mode

Krinler Literature

Please use the following form to submit with EACH entry. (One form per entry.)

The deadline for all entries is 05/27/2013


Last Name, First Name




Phone & Address;


Art Program (if any);


Selected Story and Scene

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