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Like A Forest

By: NicolasGrabowski

Page 1, Just a very short piece i wrote when i realized how much things were changing as i approached my 20\'s.

Things happen everyday, we can’t avoid what we can’t see. People die, people leave, things crumble. The interesting thing to me is that when we do ponder stupid occurrences, we only think about the bad things that happen or could happen. People also live, people come into your live, and new things are built. This happens everyday and we still spend everyday worrying or stressing out over the bad. We spend to much time dwelling about how awful things could be and never take the time to notice the forests growing around us. New trees, new creatures, new rays of sunlight peering over new openings. If it’s sunday, it’s sunday, not monday, tuesday or any other day that is waiting to attack. If there’s one thing i’ve learned its that each day holds something new. If it means anything, then it means everything at this very moment. It’s Wednesday now.

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