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Booksie Recognition Awards Nominees

Miscellaneous By: nocturnallife453

Hello! Welcome to The Booksie Special Recognition Awards! These are the most competent writers of 2010 I have nominated to recieve the Awards! The Awards will be given on December 18th. Winners will recieve a detailed comment on every single peice of their work, a fan request (if I haven't already become one), recommendations of their writing to 25 of my fans, and an even more special, exclusive spot on my bio.
So, Booksiers, get voting!
You can only vote for one nominee in a category per day. Multiple votes for the same nominee by the same Booksier in 24 hours will be deleted.

You can make a vote in each category every day.

Yes, you can vote for a nominee more than once.

You do not have to vote for the same nominee in each category every single day if you do not want to.

Yes, you can vote for yourself.

No trash-talking my decisions for nominees - I'm not changing them. No way.

No saying rude or crude words to other Booksiers who vote for someone you didn't.

No harrassing nominees or members whatsoever. I will report you.

Got it?

Now, I may add one or two more nominees eventually. There might be someone I've missed. But most of these are pretty much set in stone. Even if a nominee was in one category and not another, that does not mean they don't have a great peice of work that would work well there. Please check out as much of their writing as you can before you decide. They were just put in the categories I decided suited them best. By my own rules, I was not able to put an author in multiple categories.

Nominees: You do not have to do this, but I would recommend posting a link to here on your page as to get more voters!


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Just click on the names and titles to go to these talented Booksier's pages and stories.

Best Commenter:

Silent Words - For her long comments filled with all of her thoughts, personal oppinions, and emotions about my writing and for making me realize something new every single time.

Issa October - For her clarifying, life-changing advice and criticism that is the best I've crossed paths with, her honest, straight-forward oppinions, and her countless support.


Best Mythical Creature Novel:

UnderxYourxSpell's Last Breath: Jaspar Zarin, the bane of law enforcers across the country, had always been inexplicably drawn towards the shadier side of the law. It was his one true calling, the only thing he excelled at in life, and so it seemed perfectly reasonable to him that he should use his natural talents to earn a living.

But when his past catches up with him and he is offered a choice between redeeming himself and death, Jaspar believes that he is choosing wisely by agreeing to the influential and imposing Lord Vittora's demands. But did he really pick the lesser of two evils?

EliseMarieRenspera's Wolfe Song: Rhyan is a normal girl-- captain of the cheer squad, prettiest girl in school, and a straight-A student to boot. But she's hiding a secret that no one can ever know; the survival of her species depends on it. If she lets the secret slip... well... the Pack could suffer.


Best Fantasy Novel:

HushedEcho's Darkness Follows: "Being born is like being kidnapped. And then sold into slavery".- William Shakespeare

Ivory was simply created to be used as a weapon. Being half-human, half-vampire, and the only one of her kind, she must protect the vampire prince at all costs. Even if one of those costs is her life.

Talyn was captured for an attempted murder of the vampire prince. He is a winged being, one of the only six that are left, and the very reason the winged race exists is to destroy the vampires.

Never knowing what real love is like, Ivory treats everyone as if they are above her. She lives to protect and nothing more. But when she meets Talyn, a small amount of hope is kindled.

Can Talyn show Ivory what real love is? Can she learn that life isn't only about defending the prince? And can he show her that she has another purpose to be alive?

Earthwolf32535's The Dragon Sisterhood: This universe is full of things that humans do not know; different realms filled with the strange and unknown, what those in the realm of humans call fictional and supernatural. For those unique authors who wrote about supernatural beings such as fairies, dragons, vampires, werewolves, and even shapeshifters they were gifted with what we call the Sight. Of the six realms together, I live on Fire. People of the other realms say we are warriors, and I suppose that name suits us. The Fireites are a great race -a fighting one -and in this race, there is an elitegroup of female warriors: the Dragon Sisterhood.

o0Em0o's Relinx: "Find it." She wheezed.

"Find what?" As her eyes fluttered shut I shook her head in my hands. "Find what?!"

"The tree. Find... the tree." She coughed blood, the crimsona striking contrast on her white silk shirt.

"Go," she whispered. "Find it."


Best Memoir Novel:

WritingandThunderstorm's A HealingHeart (A Memoir) : This, my friends, is a memoir of my first relationship. Yes, it's real. Yes, it's mushy. But this writing is helping me cope with the loss of the relationship.

Whisper Melia Stanford's Whisper Melia Stanford:

My name is Whisper.

I live my life in secret from all outside civilization. The only people i know are the two other prisoners, Cry and Rain, who i've learned to call my best friends, and my master. I've never learned his real name, so i can't give any information to people for help. Like i would ever see any people to actually ask for help. He keeps us locked in a cellar most of the time. There is only one small window, which is agonizing when the moon is out. I can't run around, or hunt, and Cry and Rain often get very annoyedby my howling. Cry and i often get into physical combats, but i guess that's just the natural rivalry between feline and canine. Cats and dogs do fight often, right? Im sure they do... Rain always has to split us up, and scolds us harshly. She hates violence. Yes, we are all shapeshifters. Master keeps us as his prize, his collection. But he treats us far from it. I shift into a wolf, which i guess you call a werewolf? Cry shifts into a panther. And Rain shifts into a bear. We are scarcely fed in our human forms, and never in our animal forms, which is the time we need the most energy. But master doesn't want to be near us when we have any advantage over him.

Well anyway, I've always wanted to keep a journal. But i can't get any paper from master, and i can't save any documents on this computer. So i found this website when when master was busy, and i decided to start posting a diary on here. Though, other people can read it too. I know people find interest in the lives of other... creatures. And i hope some other shapeshifters out there can relate to me, but i must warn you to never look for me. I can't risk master getting another prisoner. Also, I'm sorry for any typos or grammar mistakes i make. This is my first time ever writing anything other than the assignments master gives us. Plus, I don't have a spellcheck. Well, good day, and goodbye.

Until next time- Whisper.


Best Adult-ish Romance Situations:

The Poptart's Baby, This Is It: "The soft moan that escaped Ana's parted lips was enough to tell Corbin that she enjoyed his touch. A lot. He had planned on taking her to this teenage bar where they only served virgin drinks. It was located downtown but those plans were thrown immediately out the window. Swerving quickly into an empty parking lot, the only thought that coursed through his mind was of Ana-of Ana's warm body against his-as he put the car in park. In a swift motion he grabbed her, pulling her towards him, crushing her lips to his in their first kiss of the night. He ran a steady hand across the revealed skin of her lower back and he felt her tremble at his touch. She shot him one tortured expression before climbing into the back seat of the cramped convertible and Corbin did not even hesitate before he piled after her."

DreamTheUnknown's Love Is A BeautifulDream: "I don't really know what happened next.One minute, I was ready to ask her on a date, and the next, my body took control.I grabbed her waist, pulled her against me, and pressed my mouth to hers, fiercely.She surprised me by pulling me into the apartment.I pressed my body against hers, her back to the wall.Her fingers undid the buttons of my shirt so fast that I knew she'd done this several times before, but at that moment, I couldn't care less.The feel of her hands against my body sent shivers through me.I slipped the robe off her shoulders, letting it drop to the floor next to my shirt.If I didn't get her naked soon, I knew I would explode.I picked up her legs, and she wrapped them around my waist.She broke the kiss and began trailing her lips along my neck and shoulders.There was only one door, so I carried her through into the bedroom."


BestFight Scene:

omgitskandice's Changes In The Night:

"Stupid vampires. Stupid runs. Stupid goddamned brother. After nineteen years of being a slayer, seven of which I spent arduously kicking ass, there was one thing I still didn't understand. Why, whenever I went on a run with my brother, was I the one that always got my ass kicked? In this case, literally.

"Ow," I muttered under my breath, rubbing my rear tenderly and sending a pointed glare at my brother. "Marc, get your lazy ass over here and help!"

The vamp didn't give me much time to recoup, his little victory obviously giving him hope, and he launched a barrage of messy, confused punches. I ducked them easily and kicked out, my foot making contact with his knee. A thick, wet crack followed and his leg was suddenly arched the opposite way.

My stomach lurched. Gross.

The leg refused to support his weight anymore and he began a slow fall backwards, not exactly sure what was happening. I resisted the urge to call out "timber".

My brother, on the other hand, had no such ability. "Ti-i-imber-r-r-r!" He yelled, his voice echoing through the empty alleyway.

"Marc, you useless- ugh," my words cut off as the vampire jumped up and barreled into me, carrying me into the nearest wall, sparing no niceties. I managed to drive an elbow down into the sensitive nerves in his neck. He cringed, hissing and retreating, leaving me to fall on my ass onto the nasty trash-covered pavement. I was just glad this vamp was a baby, any stronger and there was no way that desperate move would have worked."

Sierra MacKenzie's Lucifer's Jewel: "The blonde passed me before his two cowardly buddies. That gave me a chance to do what I wanted to do. I swung the crowbar, using half of my full strength. I didn't want to rip the skull.

I could hear the crack as the brunette's front part of his skull shattered upon contact. The smell of blood hit the air, along with cries of alarm from his friends. I yanked the crow bar free, swinging again-this time at the red head.
The man had been in the middle of speaking, demanding, "Damien, what the hell--?" The weapon sank into his forehead, cutting him off. Blood squeezed around the weapon, his eyes rolling back. A whimper escaped his lips before he collapsed.
"Harry? Alex? What the fuck are you two doing?" The blonde-obviously Damien-threw himself into panic. He reached out for his friends. "Guys, this game isn't funny!"
I decided to mess with Damien's head before I killed him. I used my keys to turn on the Porsche's headlights.
Damien squinted against the bright lights, his eyes unable to adjust to them as quickly as mine did. By the widening of his eyes and his skin going a chalky white, I knew that he had wished he had gone blind. His gaze had landed on Harry and Alex, lying on the concrete while their blood surrounded them from their bashed skulls. Uttering a whimper, his eyes flickered to me as I stepped in front of the headlights. "You…You…"
"You shouldn't have agreed to the bed, Damien…" I spoke softly, gentle at first. "If you had just accepted that you were a coward, you could've kept your life." This I spoke coldly, hoisting the crowbar up so I could grab it in the middle. Blood stained the metal, dripping off slowly. "Pity you won't be dying as quickly as your friends…"
"You're a sick bitch!" Damien twisted around, starting to run.
I narrowed my eyes, the smell of blood causing my fangs to lengthen, Damien's heartbeat becoming an echo in my ears. I swung the crowbar, letting go to watch it spin through the air.
Damien screamed when the two sharp points sank into his back, slicing his spine in half. He fell over his own feet, crumbling on the ground. Noises of terror left his lips as he attempted to get up and run away, only to discover he had been paralyzed.
I took my time moving to where he lay helplessly, kneeling down by him. I smirked, seeing his tears of fear flee down his face. I reached out and wiped a tear away, laughing when Damien cringed at my touch. "Think of it like this…You'll never be dead-because they'll never find your body."
"P-Please…what do y-you want?"
I let out a silky laugh, whispering in his ear, "Your blood," I didn't give Damien a chance to answer. My fangs were fully extended and the lust was becoming unbearable. I slashed open his neck using my sharp teeth, sinking my fangs into the exposed vein.
I fed from Damien, dulling the lust that had begun to burn my throat to where it was unbearable and impossible to ignore. I left the boy there, gasping for air, while I tossed the crow bar aside, not having to worry about the police lifting prints. They wouldn't find any. Vampires never left one."


Best Imaginary World:

Naomi Taylor's Key To Atlantis: When outsiders step into the magical world of Atlantis, no one knows what to expect. The princesses, Artemis and Ariana, secretly fall for two of the Surface People,even with the knowledge thattheir paths could lead them to betrayal...

A foreign disease strikes the Atlanteans, and the underwater world is sent into turmoil. Will Artemis and Ariana find a way to save their people, or will they turn their backs on Atlantis?

Welcome to Atlantis, an original novel by Monica and Naomi Taylor. *Artemis ~ Monica* & *Ariana ~ Naomi

Vengie's Everybody Knows The Goblin Picks His Nose 2: Be careful what you wish for...
Be careful what you dream


Best Emotional Connection:

Naiu's Silkie: Silkie is a youngblind girl who was adopted at the age of four.When she some years later find out the true purpose of her adoption she follow a person shehardly even knows to a place far away from her adoptive parents. Her only question is: What happens next?

oxhelm43Xo's Remember Me Still: Knowing a guy since you were four is a very long time for being best friends. So when Ashley Hunter finds out that Carter Blake is leaving for three whole years to attend at a University College out of state, she really doesn't know what to think. One thing sheis certain about isher fears thathe'll forget about her. So being the caring friend that Carter is, he leaves Ashley with a passionate kiss for a goodbye. Weeks went by, which turned into months, which turned into years. No sign of Carter ever appeared. Coming to the conclusion that Carter may perhaps did forget about her, Ashley decides that it's time to move on. Just when she's about to, Carter mysteriously stops by. Staying for the whole summer, with his new Fiance. Seeing them watch the sunset together like she and Carter used to do, Ashley can't help but feel betrayed and heart broken. Best friends no more, Carter tried talking to Ashley, hoping they could be on solid ground again. Perhaps maybe even best friends again as well. Not wanting anything to do with him, Ashley eventually meets a new guy on the beach. Taking quite a fond interest in him. So while Ashley is off enjoying the world with her new beau, Carters feelings start tobecome shaken up. In between planning the wedding and trying to work things out with Ashley, Carter can't help but feel like he's making a big mistake. Ashley on the other hand, no matter how hard she tries to erase Carter out of her heart, she can't. Will she be the one to crash a wedding, will the groomditchhis ownwedding, or will nothing happen at all?


And that's that! Hurry up and place all the votes you can before your time runs out!


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