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Character Profiles Challenge Entry

Miscellaneous By: omgitskandice

This is my entry for kkolivia's character profile challenge

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Genre: Romance

Name:Elliot Marcus Hascomb, but the only people that call him by his first name are his parents. He really prefers to be called Marcus.

Sex: A lot, oh wait, male.

Personality: Marcus is a jerk, plain and simple. He's been used to getting his way and doing whatever he wants his whole life. He doesn't know the meaning of "consequences" or "responsibility". He's usually in a pretty sour mood unless he's talking up a girl or partying with his friends. He is extremely lazy and spends most of his days banging on his drums and watching tv. However, he is very dedicated to the few things he DOES find interesting, like surfing. He is naturally intelligent and likes to hold that over people.

General Looks: very attractive; he is tall and skinny, with dark brown hair that sticks out all over the place. He always has a few days worth of stubble on his chin, but looks very nice when he cleans up. Coinciding with his personality, he is a very lazy dresser and opts for t-shirts and jeans. He has dark green eyes framed by his dark lashes, a small nose and big lips to go with his big-mouthed personality.

Hobbies: He doesn't really have any hobbies unless you count partying. Though he really loves his drum set. He also plays a bit of pool when he gets bored. But, he does love to surf. He used to compete in surfing competitions when he was younger, but hurt himself badly in one competition and dropped out of the competitive scene.

Abilities: plays the drums very well. He also very adept at surfing and a pro at hitting on girls.

Likes: Everything about girls, everything about partying, being lazy, and surfing. However, he does secretly enjoy messing with electronics and has made his own version of the Ipod, and a robot, though he's never mentioned this to anyone.

Dislikes: chocolate, he insists that he's allergic to it. He also insists on being allergic to manual labor.

Background: Marcus grew up in a privileged school. He wasn't popular, but he wasn't not popular either, he just sort of sneaked by high school unnoticed. He never played on any sports teams or joined any clubs. He had many run-ins with the police, but because of his father's status in the city council, Marcus never saw the inside of a jail. He started partying at a young age, which has also been the cause of most of his police run-ins, and spends most of his nights hanging out at bars with his buddies. He has never held a job, though he pretends to be interested in going to college so that he can follow in his dad's footsteps, but only because that's the only way he can keep skating by. His dad won't support a "bum".

Marcus has an on-again/off-again girlfriend that he's been dating for a few years now name Jennie. She's a nice girl, also very well-off, has a job at a law firm, and is doing pretty well for herself. They are currently on a break right now. But not as a result of Marcus's laziness or partying ways. They are on their most recent break because Jennie isn't the only girl he's been dating. Marcus prides himself in success at bedding women, and sees it as a waste of his talents for him to be only sleeping with one woman. This has been a problem as long as Jennie has known him and insists that it's over for real this time. Marcus doesn't care. If she doesn't come back, he can always get another girl.

Marcus loves his mom, though she is rarely at home. He looks forward to seeing her the few times a year she's at home. His father, however, is always home, and might as well be Marcus's mortal enemy. The only reason Marcus even speaks to him is because he's the cash inflow. There's not really reason behind his hatred for his father, except that the two never interact. Growing up as a child, his father was always too busy to spend time with him. And now, they only ever speak to each other when they're fighting.


Family: He is an only child, which isn't surprising. His father was an only son and his mother was the only one in her family to have any kids so that Marcus grew up surrounded by adults and was spoiled because of his "only-child in the entire" family status. Despite that, his family is large and his mother is always off visiting some very distant cousin or aunt that Marcus has never heard of. However, Marcus is not close with any of his family. Marcus's father had an estranged relationship with his parents so Marcus never met his grandparents on his father's side. And though his mother is always visiting family, he couldn't name a single aunt or uncle for you.

Lives: Marcus still lives at home with his parents. They reside in a ritzy suburb in northern San Diego County and has a million dollar home that looks over the cliffs to the ocean. His mother is always traveling so it is usually just Marcus and his dad, but because they don't get along, Marcus spends all of his time in his "Man Cave", where he keeps his drums, tv, pool table, and where he and his friends like to hang out. Despite being called the "Man Cave", he brings many of his girlfriends there to show off how good he has it, but it is also to keep the girls out of his bedroom. He feels that showing a girl your bedroom means you're serious and he never wants to go there. In addition to his "Man Cave", he also has an office, where he tinkers with electronics. No one is allowed in that room, not even his parents or the maid.

Any additional information that may be proven useful: I've had this character in my mind for a while and I wanted to make a horror story with him where he had to learn the errors of his ways (from a mysterious woman in white), but I then I thought of Cara and decided to take it another way (look into her "Additional info" section to see). You can do either.

Character #2

Name: Cara Miles, though Marcus only knows her first name

Age: 23

Gender: Female

Personality: Cara is a nice girl with good intentions, but she has a real no-nonsense, in-your-face way of showing it. She doesn't like to take "no" for an answer and always looks for ways of doing things that will benefit the most amount of people. She is mildly sarcastic but is always in a good mood. Some might call her pushy, but it's only part of her driven demeanor. She has a strong personality to rival Marcus's. She is also very clever.

General Looks: she has medium length, reddish-brown hair, a pale, round face with bright hazel eyes, a pixie nose, and full lips. She doesn't like to wear much makeup, but will if she has to. She likes to dress up, even if she's going out for ice cream. She average height, maybe 5'4" and has a slim, but athletic build.

Hobbies: Cara is a swimmer and frequently enjoys her pool at home, which is in Napa Valley, CA. She has also realized lately that she enjoys annoying Marcus, which only makes it better since she is being paid to do just that.

Abilities: Cara was hired by Marcus's father especially for her abilities. As a friend of the family (her father is close to Marcus's), she was asked to change Marcus from the lazy playboy he was into a successful business man. Cara, having a degree in psychology, and having done the same for her brother, is especially adept at whipping spoiled children into shape. She is also an exceptional swimmer and has a nose for good wine.

Likes: Peaches. She enjoys peach-flavored things and loves how peaches feel. She also likes going out and doing things out in the town, like watching movies, going to ballets, things like that. Although she loves to swim, she doesn't enjoy the beach, because of all the people and sand.

Dislikes: the beach, for reasons discussed above. And Marcus, well... at first, later, he might be added to the above category.

Background: Cara grew up in Napa Valley, but spends some of her time down in San Diego. Her parents split when she was in college so she splits the time she spends with them. Her mother lives in Napa while her father lives in San Diego. Cara has an apartment downtown, but hates the bustle of the big city and prefers the quieter community she grew up in. She has a degree in psychology and is currently working with one of the local hospitals involved in research on autism. She doesn't really like to talk about her personal life though, and likes to focus on the matter at hand.

She is not as well off as Marcus, but it does not matter to her, she is and has always been happy with where she was at. She had many friends growing up and tends to make them easily. However, she doesn't have many friends at work because of her extremely professional attitude.

Recently, she has been asked to help out with Marcus.

Picture: alt

Family: Cara's parents are divorced. One lives in Napa while the other lives in San Deigo. She is on pretty good terms with both of them. She has an older brother and a younger sister, both of whom she is very close with. Her younger sister still lives at home while her older brother has just moved in with his fiancee. Her older brother used to be like Marcus until Cara gave him a good kick in the pants and set him on his feet.

Live: She currently rents an apartment in downtown San Diego. It's a small flat and kept very clean. San Diego is the 8th largest city in the nation (woot!) and about an hour or so south of Los Angeles (depending on traffic). It runs along the coast and the US-Mexican border. It's a very diverse city in terms of cultures and food and entertainment. There's something for everyone at any age. Northern San Diego tends to be known for its artistic and/or affluent communities, while the other parts not so much. San Diego also has quite a few universities so there are a lot of young people and a good choice for nightlife activities.

Anything else: I was kind of thinking that it could be like Cara has to break Marcus of his ways and it's kind of love/hate at first. Cara shows him how good his is at electronics and encourages to do something with his talent.


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