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The Forever War Name Pronunciation Guide

Miscellaneous By: Ousma

Hey Forever War readers! First off, thanks for reading my novel! Your comments and time spent on my book mean the whole world to me.
Secondly, ever seen a name in my book and said to yourself "Huh?" Sorry, my imagination is a little wild sometimes. Or, do you think you know how to pronounce a name, but want to check just to be sure? Well, you're in the right place :) I was actually surprised at how many people, on this site and outside of it, didn't know how to say the two main characters' names!! (Their names are kind of important to know, I think)
Hopefully this will clear things up a bit :)
Yours truly,
Faith (Ousma)

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Main Characters

Aaza [Ah-zuh] (The Aa is like when you sneeze AAH-choo) Qudamah [Koo-dah-muh]

Sacien [Sah-see-en] (The en is like the ending of alien) Jenthur [Jen-ther]

Kiyala [Kee-yah-luh]

Obsidian is an actual word... hopefully you know how to say it :)

Other Major Characters and Royalty

Daskan [Das-kin] (The as is Das is pronounced like the word as)

Aaral [Air-ruhl]

Keerivan [Keer-i-ven] (pretty straightforward I think, not a long I sound like the word I, a short i sound)

Azayla [Uh-zay-luh]

Efuri [Eff-yur-ee] (pronounced much like the word fury, first child of Daskan and Aaral)

Kaiza [Kie-zuh] (second child of Daskan and Aaral)

Olox [Oh-locks]

Ellevia [Eh-lev-ee-uh]

Souvienne [Soo-vee-enn]

Arlon [Ar-lon] (Ar like the word are)

Erovin [Air-oh-vin]

Salazen [Sah-luh-zen] (Last name yet to be determined)

Faeora [Fay-or-uh] (Salazen's Queen, I forget if she's been mentioned in the book yet or not. If not, she will be)

Rueven [Roo-ven] (Roo pronounced like the word rue. Firstborn son of Salazen and Faeora, Griffin Flier,will have a larger part later in the book)

Sarena [Sar-en-uh] (Sar pronounced like the beginning of Sarah. Firstborn daughter of Faeora and Salazen, briefly mentioned in the beginning of the book)

Mylar [My-lar] (Pronounced like Skylar, secondborn son of Salazen and Faeora, heir to the Ekkerian throne)

Dragon Fliers (From both Keeps, some may not have been mentioned yet)

Iraz[I-raz] (I like the word I and raz like the beginning of raspberry)and Zukorr[Zoo-core] (Zerraf, red male ragon,mentors Azaa and Obsidian)

Aaza and Obsidian (see above pronunciation, black male dragon)

Keerivanand Azayla (second in command, silver female dragon, see above pronunciation)

Enoa [En-oh-uh] and Sheba [Shee-buh] (oldest Dragon Flier pair, brown female dragon)

Iléa[I-lay-uh] (I like the word I)and Thaen [Thayn](pronounced like bane, red male dragon, mentors Jhiran and Seraph)

Jhiran [zheer-ahn]and Seraph [ser-aff](aff like in the ending of giraffe, blue male dragon)

Sujehk [soo-jek]and Kyzon [kie-zahn](gold dragon, mentors Seth and Leirtha)

Seth and Leirtha [leer-thuh] (green female dragon)

Raelevyn [Rail-luh-vin] (Dragon yet to be determined, mentors Mizeera and Uranaka)

Mizeera [Miz-eer-uh] and Uranaka [Yer-an-nuh-kuh](an-nuh like the name Anna, purple femaledragon)

Arhumed [Ah-roo-med]and Balthazaar [Ball-thuh-zar] (zar pronounced like the word are, green male dragon)

Darius [Dare-ee-us]and Zuroth [Zer-awth](orange male dragon)

Fenquara [Fenk-ar-uh]and Ceridae [Sair-i-day] (i NOT like the word I -short i sound, white female dragon)

Ehjana [Ay-zhah-nuh]and Luxira [Lux-eer-uh](gold female dragon)

Torven [Tor-ven](not yet mentioned, dragon undetermined]

Niren [Nigh-ren]and Tuada[Too-ah-duh] (whitefemale dragon, second oldest Flier pair, once Peace Fliers)

Rose and Sitari [Sit-ar-ee](gold femaledragon not yet mentioned)

Azuli [Uh-zewl-ee](blue femaledragon, not yet mentioned,Flier yet to be determined)

Griffin Fliers (From all Keeps, most not mentioned yet)

Arlon and Erovin (see above pronunciation, Vanallen, male griffin, mentors Sacien and Kiyala)

Sacien and Kiyala (see above pronunciation, female griffin)

Kestral (oldest Griffin Flier, griffin yet to be determined)

Host [host] (pronounced like cost) and Valyr [val-leer] (mentors Rueven and Skree, male griffin)

Carson and Aroth [uh-rawth] (potentially second in command, male griffin, mentors Luca and Sceera)

Vrael [vrail] (like hail or scale)and Irida [I-rid-uh] (I pronounced like the word I, female griffin,mentors Zellin and Hyru)

Rueven(see above pronunciation) and Skree (male griffin)

Luca [lewk-uh] (like the name luke)and Sceera [seer-uh] (seer pronouncedlike insearing hot, female griffin)

Zellin [zell-in]and Hyru [hi-roo] (male griffin)

Kestra and Evelis [ev-el-iss] (el like the letter 'L', and iss like in hiss, female griffin)

Aaza's Guards

Reise [reese] (like geese)

Kitra [kit-ruh]

Other two Keep guards' namesyet to be determined, both most likely male

Other Characters

Zaarmen [Zar-men] (zar like the word are)

Alamon [All-luh-mon] (All-luh like the muslim Allah]

Kozen [koh-zen]

General Odem [oh-dem] (Zaren's father, briefly mentioned in Sacien's first chapter)

Zaren [Zair-en] (Souvienne's fiance)

Tuac [too-eck] (Daskan's horse)

Kista [keest-uh] Jundi [jewn-dee]Saastel [sah-stell] Zwelli [zwell-ee]Tarsten [tar-sten] (Alamon's servents)

Lucian [loo-see-en]

Aeralda [Air-all-duh] (the r between air and all is sort of rolled off the tongue]

Yora and Ezekiel (Lucian and Aeralda's children)

Liyana [lie-yah-nuh] (Aaza's peasant friend in Daasmi)

Ortessa [or-tess-uh] (fortune teller who gave Obsidian's egg to Aaza)

Tanya [Tawn-yuh] (Zaren's mistress at Lucian's farm)

Iris Golvara [Goal-var-uh] (var pronounced like are)

Ryavin [rie-uh-vin]

Moravé [mor-ah-vay] (servant at the Tarkoral castle)

Onyx [On-ix] (black male dragon, dragon of the Dragon Queen, Aaza's many times great grandmother)

Rahzed [rah-zed] (Head of Daskan's castle guard)

Inuana [in-yew-ah-nuh]and Aynera [ay-neer-uh] (deceased Dragon Flier pair,mentored Darius and Zuroth, blue female dragon)

Saphor [saff-or] (saff like the beginning of Sapphire, and or like oar, deceased dragon that created the glass dining hall in the Keep)

General Kylaan [kie-lon] (lon pronounced like the word on, Kaiza's husband)

Jakura [jack-cure-uh]and Naviri [Nah-veer-ee] (Previous Griffin Flier Vanalla that stars in one of Sacien's favorite stories in Ekkerian history)

Rulo [roo-loh]and Toula [tewl-uh] (Pupils of Jakura and Naviri, previous Vanallen)

King Gandor [Gan-dor] (Salazen's great great grandfather, deceased)

Yarro [Yar-oh] (yar pronounced like are, deceased Vanallen)

Uramiel [Yer-ay-mee-ell] (ay-mee pronounced like the name Amy, deceased leader of the Peace Fliers and at the time secondin command of the Griffin Fliers)

Kira [Keer-uh] (Celia's daughter)

Miko [Mee-koh] (Celia's son)

Celia [Seel-ee-uh]

Onsin [On-sin] (Zaryth's twin, means "day" in the old language)

Zaryth [Zair-ith] (Onsin's twin, means "night" in the old language)

Barden (pretty straightforward. Pronounced like garden)

Raastoff [Rah-stoff] (Colonel of Daasmian forces)

If I missed any characters or you have any questions, please leave me a comment below. I left out most characters with normal names (for example, Gabriel and Edmund) because those are fairly obvious, I think. Eventually I'll probably add onto this and do a section for pronouncing towns and cities. But it's late and I'm tired and I actually want to write the book now, not scan the whole document for names :p

Yours truly,

Faith (Ousma)


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