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Discription Mania Challange Entry

Miscellaneous By: PeaceLoveLingleton

Entrance for a challenge...

Submitted:Nov 24, 2009    Reads: 90    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

When you think of a mall, you think of shopping and cheery teenage girls. This is the image Molly used to think of too. That is, until she was kidnapped here not even six months ago, although it feels like it was only yesterday.


Walking in the entrance, she passes a carousel with laughing children and sweet music playing. There are mothers crowded around with cameras watching intently and smiling as their children pass them and wave. Walking a little farther in, she is overtaken with the massive crowd and just follows the flow of people until she gets to the store she is aiming for. She looks at it, and is filled with fear, this was not a good idea. She turns and heads for the cookie shop across the hall, and orders one, along with a coke. She grabs a table and sits intently looking at her store. After a while she decides that this fear is unrational and gets up, once again to try going in. She walks over the threshold of the store, feeling silly for being scared to start with. Then she passes the men's department, glancing around at all of the ties and dress shirts, thinking that some of them were absolutely hideous. Walking a little farther she is surrounded with hundreds of shoes and workers running around crazily trying to get people the sizes they need. Not wanting to linger any longer than neccessary, she keeps on going until she reaches her target, the teen clothes. It isn't long until she is in the exact spot she stood not very long ago, where her kidnapper had been waiting.

Character: Molly's kidnapper

(on the day of the kidnapping)

Dean had sat in the shoe department for too long waiting on this girl. If he didn't need the money he wouldn't have even agreed to do this, but he did need the money, and the man who had hired him knew that. He was just about to give up when he saw her come in. He sat until she had passed him and was browsing through the clothes. He got up and eased that way, passing a mirror on the way, which caused him to stop and check that he looked okay. His hair was a bit tousled but he thought the look suited him. He could have stood to shave, but it was too late for that now. He was dressed in a pair of jeans and a light blue button down shirt that was just a tid bit wrinkled and wasn't buttoned all the way to the top. He was wearing a rugged leather jacket that seemed to express that he was a slacker, yet still cared about his appearance. There was nothing threatening about his appearance and he thought that he actually looked pretty good. With that, he looked over to where she was standing and made his way over to her. Shots of adrenaline were pulsing through his vains as he thought about what he was about to do. With that boost, he introduced himself to her, and he could see the interest in her eyes. She liked him. They talked for a while and he invited her to go for a ride with him in his sports car. She, of course, agreed and left willingly with him. Things were going a lot better than he had expected.

Once he had her in the car, he asked her to reach in the glove box for a cd, and while she was distracted, he grabbed the syringe he had in his pocket and quickly injected the contents into her neck. She turned and looked at him with shock before she closed her eyes and laid back in the seat. Then he started the car, and made his way to the apartment he had been told to deliver her too. When he had her there and was paid, he left with a pocketfull of cash and a heart full of regret and pain.

Emotion: Acceptance

Thinking back to the day and what had happened to her, Molly actually felt a smile coming on her face. Both of the men were in prison now and would be there for a very long time. Although she knew she would always feel the trauma of her few days with him, she knew that she would be okay. Nothing could change the fact that she had been taken and held hostage for three days. She would never get those days back, nor would the physical or emotional scars fade away. But, knowing that she was safe from them gave her a feeling that everything would be okay. A feeling of acceptance and optimism rushed through her and left her feeling as if everything in the world would be okay again, at least for the time being.


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