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The Loneliness That People Can Feel

Miscellaneous By: PsychoticThrillers

the power of being lonely.

Submitted:Mar 8, 2012    Reads: 25    Comments: 4    Likes: 1   

The feeling of loneliness is the worst in the world. There is always that one person that fills that void. When they leave, it's a feeling of loneliness worse than any loneliness felt before. It'll slowly eat at the body, as it is your first taste of it, the bitter loneliness. They will question themselves, question their sanity. Many people call this the start of depression. What would they know?

Some other person in their life will begin to fill that void. they will be happy, but then they leave them. they are lonely again. This time it's attacked them straight and won't let them be at ease. They will be down and sad. No one will be able to understand. Anger will consume them. They will become more agitated and will be completely transformed from the person they were before. It'll eat at their mind at a faster pace. Soon, anger will turn to a great heavy sadness. They'll want to cry at one point. Just randomly cry.

Another person will show up and the void is filled. That person leaves. Hysteria and illnesses will begin to take over their body and mind. Life will become harder and more unbearable. Thoughts of death will creep into the mind so they can stop this madness. They will no longer understand certain things and paranoia will become more evident. Panic attacks will happen.

Then someone else will come up and fill that void. When they lose that person, it'll leave them bone dry and unable to do anything. Emotions have been tossed. Thoughts are gone except for those on what they are doing at that moment. Memories of the past will become small and insignificant. They will hold absolutely no meaning and they will only appear when someone else brings them up and their mind thinks on it for a sec. The body becomes weak and sloth and distraught. It will end up being a very unhealthy site to behold. Do to lack of care, scars will be evident, just to try and feel something anymore. They will become worse than a zombie, as people put it. They become even worse than that. They become delusional as well. They are almost unreachable in reality and will not allow anyone to see who they are or open their heart and soul to anyone no matter what, except for the last person, that last rain of hope that you hardly even feel anymore.

Then someone comes along and fills that void before it becomes worse, this person you don't open yourself up to. You know this person, but they hardly know you unless they let them in.That person fills the void for them. When they lose that person, that's it. Not even torture would be sufficient to the pain and suffering they first feel. Then that empty shell finishes what it started when it built up for the second time they have tasted loneliness. They will be lost forever in something that cannot be described. They'll never commit suicide, they'll live like that for the rest of their life until they grow old. The only thing they feel is utter nothing. Completely blocked away from the world. Forever to be lost in their own darkness that their mind and soul has created. Feeling like this is the worst thing that could ever happen to anyone. They begin to learn how to manipulate really well, and convince everyone anything but the truth. This causes thoughts of no one understanding them and that they are alone. This stage is truly difficult to describe how awful it is, as it is all of the stages mixed together, and then suddenly they stop feeling anything and stop caring. They learn how to fake emotions and forget how to do certain things like cry or smile, especially on their own. This is done to get others away. When this happens, there is one last chance, one last person to save them.

That person comes and fills the void. They've closed off their heart, and now this person hardly knows them. They know a little about them, not much, but enough to know whether they like them or not. Enough to decide if they care about them or feel like they are really close in certain things. That begins to heal the heart and soon happy things start to happen to them. But when that person leaves, I don't know what happens. I just hope that no one gets passed stage two. Loneliness is a bitter and cruel thing that a lot of people don't seem to understand.


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