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Rhensis' Music Prompt Contest *Closed and being judged*

Miscellaneous By: Rhensis

Comment to enter, (and please do enterXD)

Submitted:Apr 10, 2011    Reads: 193    Comments: 65    Likes: 3   

Ok, so this is my third contest.

This contest is inspired by...




You must write about one of the below quotes. More than one person may have a quote, but up to a max. of 4 people per quote...

You do not have to include the quote in your story, but you must have some form of it in the title, (unless you have a valid reason for not having it, eg. using a work already written). It doesn't have to be the same as I don't mind if you change it, but use roughly the same words... Eg. If I was using quote 7, I could call my story,'I live for the Fight 'cos that's all that I've got!', (Ok, that's pretty lame, so don't use it!). For the long quotes, you may get rid of words. You may add words too. Also, you may change whether it says 'We' or 'I' etc. to something else


You may submit any kind of writing, (poems and short stories are great! Novels too are allowed) , but, if you do a novel, you must have 3 chapters up by the deadline.

So, here are the quotes...(I've added another 5:))

1)' Seems like peace is, The only thing I'll never know', - from the song 'All Time Low' (2 spots avaliable)

2) 'Life could be simple but you never fail, To complicate it every single time', - from the song 'Blame it on the Girls' (2 spots avaliable)

3) 'We are not what you think we are!', - from the song 'We are Golden' (1 spot avaliable)

4) 'I have no story to be told, But I've heard one on you and I'm gonna make your head burn', - from the song 'Rolling in the Deep' (3 spots avaliable)

5) 'Don't forget me, I beg, I remember you said', - from the song 'Someone Like You' (3 spots avaliable)

6) 'I pity the fool that falls in love with you', - from the song 'Forget You' (1 spots avaliable)

7) 'You live for the fight when that's all that you've got', - from the song 'Livin' on a Prayer' (3 spots avaliable)

8) 'When the sale comes first, And the truth comes second,' - from the song 'Price Tag' (3 spots avaliable)

9) 'Make it my fault, win the game, Point the finger, place the blame', - from the song 'My Interpretation' (All spots avaliable)

10) 'I'm gonna be the last one standing', - from the song 'Dynamite' (3 spots avaliable)

11) 'what would you wish for, If you had one chance', - from the song 'Airplanes'( 1 spot left)

12) 'I know that I've got issues, But you're pretty messed up too', - from the song 'My Life Would Suck Without You' (1 spot avaliable)

13) 'act like we come from out of this world', - from the song 'Safety Dance' (3 spots avaliable)

14) 'when we go from the darkness into the light', - from the song 'Let the Sun Shine' (2 spots avaliable)

15) 'It's time to trust my instincts, Close my eyes and leap.', - from the song 'Defying Gravity (Glee cast version)' (0 spots left:( )

16) 'And truth be told I miss you, And truth be told I'm lying', - from the song 'Gives You Hell' (3 spots avaliable)

17) 'their eyes fixed on me like I'm murderous', - from the song 'She Said' (All spots avaliable)

18) 'Cause there's someone behind every hand that you've made a connection', - from the song 'Fire with Fire' (4 spots avaliable)

19) 'where the hell is all the sanity at?', - from the song 'Written in the Stars' (All spots avaliable)

20) 'Dead in the eyes of my friends', - from the song 'Watercolour' (All spots avaliable)

21) 'If we don't we'll always be apart' - from the song 'When we Collide' (otherwise known as 'Many of Horror') (All spots avaliable)

22) 'Where the thunder turns around they'll run so hard we'll tear the ground away' - from the song 'The Flood' (All spots availiable)

23) ' I put down in words, How wonderful life is now you're in the world.' - from the song 'Your Song' (2 spots avaliable)

24) 'Keep the fire alive and stay young at heart' - from the song 'Gold Forever' (2 spots avaliable)

25) 'Yes, I would die for ya baby; But you won't do the same' - from the song 'Grenade' (All spots avaliable)

Well then, that's it!

If there are any corrections to be made to the lyrics, let me know. My sources could be incorrect!

Please Please Please join! I've tried to put something on here for everyone!

I've added the songs because I thought some of you might want to listen to the whole song when you write your work. I know I would...


The prizes,(which I forgot about until now!) are...

1st Place:I will read ALL of your work, (unless it's twilight stuff or erotica...). I will reccommend you to ALL my fans + another 30 readers on the site. I will become your fan and you will feature on my list of people to check out for 2 months. ADDED PRIZE: I will make a cover for a piece of your work that you choose, (unless you don't have a preference, then I'll make it for your entry)

2nd Place: I will read about 3/4 of your work. I will reccomend you to ALL my fans + another 15 readers on the site. I will become your fan and you will feature on my list of people to check out for 1 month and a half.

3rd Place:I will read half of your work. I will reccomend you to ALL my fans + another 7 readers on the site. I will become your fan and you will feature on my list of people to check out for a month

Special Mentions, (avaliable to 3 people):I will read 3 pieces of your work. I will reccomend you to ALL my fans. I will become your fan and you will feature on my list of people to check out for a week.

DEADLINE:10th JUNE 2011 (if everyone's work is done before then, I might just judge it there and then lol)

Completed Works (or novels with 3 chappies + ) :

1)Unknown Girl :Quote 11 - What I Would Wish For, If I had One Chance, (Wow, that was fast!)

2)Osuma :Quote 3 - Who I Am (a poem)and Quote 6 -Forget You (for Rhensis' music prompt contest)

3) jp23:Quote 3 - The Darkest Night : Prologue

4) headoverheels91: Quote 6 - I'd Rather be a Fool (for Rhensis contest)

5) DeadlyNightshade:Quote 15 - Flight ( for Rhensis's 'Music Prompt Contest )

6) MarriahJustine:Quote 5 - Please Don't Forget Me

7) Graeme Montrose:Quote 1 - Seems Like Peace Is The Only Thing I ll Never Know

8)WaitingInTheDepthsOfTheSea: Quote 14 - When The darkness goes into the light.

9) Hyperforce:Quote 13 - For A Better Look At That New Planet(for Rhensis' Music Prompt Contest)

10) krazed cidd:Quote 16 - Truth be Told...

11) avidxreader44: Quote 2 - Trust In Lies(Chapter 6)

12) inia13: Quote 6 - I Pity The Fool That Falls In Love With You(a novel)

13)cutiepiex:Quote 12 - I Know I'm Crazy But You're Just As Bad

14)xnbdyknwsx:Quote 12 - You're Pretty Messed Up Too

15)Diana Rose:Quote 3 - Life Should be Easy(temporary title)

16)AemmaBella:Quote 14 - Save Me From this Darkness

17)Dixie Lee:Quote 23 - Now You're in the World(I'm so sorry I haven't read it yet!I fell behind and totally forgot:()

I think that's all of them for the time being, (I will put those novels in progress up when you have 3 chapters). If I've forgotten you, let me know lol.


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