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The Booksie Character Orphanage

Miscellaneous By: Rhensis

A place to leave your old characters and start fresh with new ones!
(The music is slightly random lol)

Submitted:Jul 26, 2011    Reads: 46    Comments: 4    Likes: 0   

The Booksie Character Orphanage

I think we all have some characters in our lives that we are really fed up with.

Maybe they did something that mucked up your plot line, are just too boring for your fantabulous story, or perhaps every time you kill them they manage to come back to life?

These characters, as much as we really love them, are annoying to have sitting on your writer's shelf, and often need to be given up to help spark new inspiration.

So, welcome to the Booksie Character Orphanage. Open only until 7th September 2011, this is a place where you can leave your old characters in the very capable arms of other authors and myself.

Because you can also adopt characters here! Below I will compose a list of names for characters that have been dropped off here at the orphanage during August. You may adopt one of these characters, and maybe become best friends with them!

The goal is that by the end of the Orphange's rather short life time, we all will have gotten rid of our bad characters and got on with some new ones. Hopefully, no poor neglected characters will be left to rot on this page for all eternity.

If this goes well, some time in the future, the Orphange may reopen! Any unclaimed characters will be carried over to the new one.

Now, I have dug up a few of my old stories and found some characters that really need to go to start us off.

Before I start that, however, I will lay down what basics you need to include:

(* means the field is compulsary)

Name (these can be as short as just a first name, or with a title and everything!) *

Age (is your character 5, 99, or 5001?) *

Gender (must I explain this? lol) *

Race (otherwise known as species. If your character is human, you could possibly put whether they are black/white ect. in here, but you don't have to. Although do tell us if they're human otherwise....) *

A short description (I don't mind how much or how little goes here) *

A short bio (Mmmm... well...)

Any other info

Got it?

So, here are the poor characters to start off our list:

  1. Rhen Sachem - 15 - Female - Elf - Black hair, green eyes, dark skinned (night elf)
  2. Princess Adeola - 14 - Female - Human - Brown hair, brown eyes, light skin
  3. Name: Marcus August
    Age: 43
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasion Human.
    Dicription: Ex military, gets captured by NightStalker mercenary group, ends up getting infected with an unusual virus that gives him the strength to attempt to escape the NightStalkers, but it also slowly starts to kill him.(ie he can jump real high, see in the dark, has immense strength, can talk to animals, and has 10x the adrenaline rush of a normal human.

So, there you go. You may recognise Rhen, and possibly Adeola, but either way, they're here now!

And they're getting lonely! Come on Booksiers! Time to get adopting!

Oh, and if you ever publish a story with them in, please let me know!

(The characters will be crossed off the list when they are taken, and who by will be put next to it :) )


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