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Want a Book Cover made for your story? Look no further!

By: Rhensis

Page 1, This is my Book Cover page. I will post details etc and give examples.


Welcome to my Book Cover Requests Page.

Here's the deal: You tell me the name of your work and a few other details, and I'll make you a cover.

1st, here are links to some examples of my work: (scroll down to the bottom and you'll see the cover)

Like what you're seein'?

Well, now here are the simple steps you need to follow for me to make you a cover:

1) Drop me a comment below with the name of your work, and I'll go and read it.

2) After I've read as much as  I feel I need to, I'll comment on your page with a few questions, (Including either a description of an image or an actual picture), and then you email me the answers to the questions at :

3) Wait less than a week and I'll email you your cover. You can then reply with any changes, (note the changes could take up to two weeks depending on how many people are in line for a cover).

4) When your cover is finished, I will advertise it, (with your permission), with your work, on my Tumblr.

Got it?

Then what are you waiting for? Get those comments in!

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