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Am I That Easy to Forget?

By: rigadoo

Page 1, This is about being forgotten, but trying to be remembered.

Am I someone that difficult to forget?

If I am out of sight,

Does not my very presence get banished to the darkest recesses of your mind?

Only to be dredged up once again by our next reunion?

I think yes.

And though you won't remember me after I am gone,

I will always be somewhere in your thoughts.

Whether a faint memory that seems as if a dream,

Or a strong recollection,

In which my face is blank,

My name on the tip of your tongue.

You will never forget me,

Of that I will make sure.

By having known me,

You will most certainly have been changed.

For the better or worse?

I do not know.

No matter if you know or not,

You Will Be Changed.

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