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Tears Screemed Down his Face

Miscellaneous By: RubyRose81196

This is just a random piece of writing I wrote after reading the words "Tears screemed down his face" somewhere in my notebook. No idea when i wrote it...

xx :")

Submitted:Sep 1, 2011    Reads: 24    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

Tears screamed down his cheeks burning like flames. Sapping all warmth from his skin until he was stone cold. Drawing all life from his paling veins. Murdering the love that had been burning in his chest for so long. Hauling at the heavy heart, as it grew lighter. But it was still so heavy it could barely move. Until finally, with a sudden heave his heart pulled free, all emotion gone from it. All life, all love, all promises made empty. All intentions cut off in due course.

But be this as it may, the power of thought, life and love is often largely under estimated. But most people think often is such a small and insignificant word that it is always underestimated. Because just as often as not, thought, life and love are not under estimated, and people now the true power. And one of those such people was Camilla. And she, unfortunately for the rest of humanity, knew exactly how to harness these such powers. And even more unfortunately, she was evil. She was absolutely brilliant in every way, she was an utter genius, but she was evil. She had amazing ideas and visions for the Earth that had no doubt taken millennia of planning, but they were as cruel and twisted as a piece of drift wood stuck in the side of a shark.

Camilla laughed a cold high laugh as she watched the boy die through the glass. It amused her to watch him die alone, cold, hard. He had been so in love with a girl, but what had broken his heart as he lay there dying was that he had never found out if she felt the same way about him. But Camilla did. And it made her laugh even harder just to think about it. She could hardly breath for laughing. The girl in question was, right no, lying in bed thinking of the boy Camilla had just poisoned. She was thinking how she was going to ask him to go to the theatre with her. No matter what. Well, she could do that from heaven. Because Camilla had the perfect lure for her. Hehehe. It would all going to plan, and the boy and girl would die. She already could see the boys spirit floating into the little orange, bright glass bottle sitting innocently on the table by the boy. And then, the connection would work, and she would rise above all around her. She would be the magnificent queen, she would rule her people well, while they lay at her feet covered in the dust from her house, begging for her love and friendship. She chuckled. Love. Friendship. She spat at Friendship's feet. Kicked Love in the shins. She had no respect for either of them, and they, in return, persevered and kept trying to gain her trust. Never.


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