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Beast and the Beauty Summer Character Contest

By: Sambelini

Page 1, A short, simple contest that will only take a few minutes of your time to enter :)

So, I was trying to think up an interesting, but simple, premise for a contest, and then it hit me. Partially inspired by XxThePackLeaderxX's create-a-character stories, which are really fun and cool, Ithought, "Hey, what if Igot people to make up characters?"

I didn't want to make a huge contest for the summer because I won't be around a lot. So, here's a quick and simple contest: create a character! There are some rules and stuff though.

Firstly: The prize. The winning character profile will become an important character in my story, Beast and theBeauty. The story is already started, though, so the character will be introduced somewhere in the middle of the story.
There's really only a first prize, but honorable mentions will be mentioned honourably in the story, ahaha.

Secondly: You DON'T have to read the story in order to enter. I'm designing the contest as best as I can so that anyone can create a character for fun.

Thirdly: You may create more than one character, if you wish. The more the merrier!

Fourthly: Contest ends September 1st. Iwant LOTS of characters to choose from!

**Pay attention to the restrictions. Restrictions are things that you CANNOT choose, unless otherwise specified.
If you put in something wrong, I can't use your character (however, I may be able to skip over it or ask you to change it). Example1: an object that is already taken, such as Verner and Warren, the castle gates. Under "restrictions" for Object, it might simply say, "castle gate." Example 2: in my book, all chambermaids and ladies-in-waitingwere transformed into chairs and armoires, therefore a "restriction" under "Job at castle" would be "Chambermaids and ladies-in-waiting MUST be armoires or chairs". Make sense? Hopefully, it's not too complicated.
**Remember, this is similar to the story of Beauty and the Beast, so you will have to choose an inanimate object for your character to be. Be creative, but also remember this is in the past. No electric blenders or brave little toasters, sorry!

Here's the basic character profile that you've got to fill out.

Name: (Restrictions: Roselynn, Shaelynn, Aalwijn, Axl, Meghan, Karol, Chip/Charles, Gwydir, Philippe, Cathy/Cathedra, Isolde, Verner, Warren, Carel, Hugo, Roth, Jeneva, Cynfaen, Lettie, S├ęgolene, Terra, Willard, Brecher, Endaf. Restrictions are things that you CANNOT choose.)

Gender: (Restrictions: MUST be either male or female, ahahah. Unless you want me to write about a slug. Slugs are hermaphrodites.)

Object: (Restrictions: Castle gate, wall, desk/table, bed, fire poker, electrically-powered things. Chambermaids/ladies-in-waiting MUST be armoires or chairs, children MUST be teacups, cart drivers MUST be carts.)

Job at castle: (Restrictions: Chambermaids/ladies-in-waiting MUST be armoires or chairs, children MUST be teacups, cart drivers MUST be carts, cannot be family member of castle proprietor such as King, Queen, Princess, Prince, uncle/aunt/sibling/grandparent of king, ect.)

Looks, age, other basic info: (No restrictions, except try to stay true to the object you've chosen)

Personality: (No restrictions!)

Important info: (No restrictions!)

Make the last two interesting, because they're probably worth the most points. You can really add in your creativity there. Add in background info, family info, friend info, whatever info you wish! One pointer is that the people in the castle transformed into objects approx. 7 years before the story takes place. Have fun!

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