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Complete Random Thoughts From The Mind of SavvyApple as of 2/12/12

Miscellaneous By: SavvyApple

So I was reading the thing that I did at Christmas that was similar to this, and I decide to make another! I hope you guys enjoy, I think it might be rather interesting, seeing as Valentine's Day is almost here, but oh wait, that's supposed to be saved for the actual body part of this thing...!

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  • I am looking at a picture of me holding a soccer ball
  • that was this year
  • my team was called the "Rubber Duckies"
  • my team was so good
  • best team I've had in my life
  • It ended in January
  • Now it's February
  • You know what holiday February has in it?
  • Valentine's Day
  • I'm not particularly fond of Valentine's Day
  • All you do is just look while people buy gifts and chocolate for their loved ones.
  • what if you don't have anyone, like no crush
  • and it REALLY sucks when no one buys anything for you
  • but it's just plain awkward when someone gets something for you but you don't have anything for them
  • yeah that's just awkward
  • but if no one gets anything for me that's prefectly okay
  • why?
  • because i still have like a bunch of halloween candy chocolates to snack on so it's as if I got them from someone!
  • Actually I did
  • it was halloween
  • so trick or treat right
  • scissors are sharp
  • i cut myself with scissors once
  • like on purpose tho
  • I was running my finger along the blade wondering if it'd hurt if I cut myself
  • it didn't.
  • lying next to me is my pencil case domo
  • domo is so freaking awesome
  • he's like burnt tofu or something
  • but that's not what i think
  • i think that he's actually a brownie gone wrong
  • but people are all like "NO THAT'S AMERICA DOMO IS ASIAN HE IS BURNT TOFU"
  • so i admit to my mistake
  • but that's not what I really think...
  • he is totally a brownie gone wrong.
  • I am a peaceful child
  • Even though I cut myself with scissors.
  • I'm not emo don't worry
  • There's a pen with a duck on it sitting on my mom's desk
  • it's a fake duck don't worry
  • there's also some dental floss.
  • There's pink cased white out on this desk too....
  • and my history textbook
  • and my phone
  • and domo
  • and some papers
  • and a cup
  • my friend just asked me for chalk pastel
  • should i be worried?
  • of course not, if anything they should be worried about me
  • i mean seriously
  • look at what i'm typing!
  • I'm typing my thoughts!
  • I feel rather awkward
  • I'm listening to "love song"
  • it's a good song
  • I'm not going to write you a love song either, i'm with sara.
  • lalallaalallal
  • traalalalala
  • am i odd?
  • I certainly hope so
  • I bring all my oddness out in my writing that's why i hope i'm odd
  • speaking of my work, i hope you go and check it out
  • please? for me...?
  • I'd really appreciate it
  • Well this is gettting rather long so I'm going to stop
  • That and my hands are really rather tired
  • Thanks for reading
  • I really do hope you check out more of my work
  • This was written on February 12, 2012
  • It was finish at aroun d 8:23
  • Thanks for reading
  • Check out more of my work ok
  • Thanks!


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