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Descriptive contest!!!

By: Serenity In Silence

Page 1, Well, it\'s right there, duh. Oh, and the link to Shadow Killers is there, just click on Shadow Killers.


Hello! It's Serenity, calling out for the amazing writers here on Booksie!

Alright, contest description:

I’ve been thinking about you all, yes, truly I have. You guys are really good writers, most of your grammar and spelling is immaculate (Except for those few writers who write like I text at three a.m.) and you’ve got really interesting themes. What I’m looking for this contest, though, is entirely different.

You ready for this?

Okay, well, I’m looking for you to paint a picture with your words. Please, don’t be afraid to wow me with details upon details. See, I’m a writer who can’t keep a storyline for shit but can write a picture, an instance in time, something very vivid but something short, as I’ve been told. (An example of this is Shadow Killers.) So I’m calling out for fellow Booksie writers like me to amaze me with detail.

The Rules:

  • No novels!
  • If you’re describing something you’ve been staring at for hours, can you include a picture for me?
  • Again, no NOVELS! I will, however, accept a specific novel CHAPTER. Short stories and poems are also accepted.
  • Let me know when your contest entry is up! I will include the link on another page.
  • Correct grammar and spelling, please.
  • If you write on my favorite topic, you will not get Kudos points toward winning, although I will appreciate it if you did write on my favorite topic.
  • If you interest me, I will come and read your work anyway. So don’t shoot for the prizes, shoot for interesting me!

And following that, Prizes:

If you win 4th and 5th place, it is the same: a couple of reads and comments from me. Your choice, of course! If I end up liking your writing style I will read more.

If you win 3rd place, you can pick ONE of first place’s prizes.

If you win 2nd place, you can pick TWO of first place’s prizes.

And finally, the one you’ve all been waiting for: First place! If you win, you will get a fan request from me, mentioned on my page and I will read and comment on all or most of your work. I say ‘or most’ because I am busy. I do have a life!

Okay kiddies, ready, set, GO!

P.S. Tags: Please tag your work with Serenity_In_Silence's_Contest. Yes, with the little underscores too, because that way I know it’s got to do with me!!! Otherwise, you can tag it with whatever you want. Or Serenity-In-Silence because that's what I tag my work with.

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