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Angel to Dude 12

Miscellaneous By: Shannan Browne

Angel gets it...

Submitted:Jan 25, 2013    Reads: 9    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Hey Dude, you're such a sweetie, thinking I'd be all sad and depressed because I couldn't have you… how's that arrogance there, does it need some butter to help get your head through the door ;) I'm teasing.

No worries, you aren't the first guy who has tried to woo me, and then when I gave bat, turned around to meet his future wife. Seems to be a normal pattern, maybe I should offer my batting services as a way for men to find wives ;)

Thanks for the genuine little bits of concern you threw into your email, much appreciated. I had a 'sense' that something was up… hehe… and I am very happy for you, always reckoned you would make a fine catch when you finally got over your desire to be smooth and date them all. I so understand what you are talking about in that one moment when you feel all those emotions. I've heard that mentioned as the definition of love… it's the all and the everything… its God. In my one moment when I had that feeling too, obviously not with your awesome outcome, and I am happy for you, it was both the most joyous and awful feeling at the same time. The amazing parts unfolded afterwards when all those love songs on the radio actually took on meaning and personal context, movies took on another dimension and even the love God speaks of in the Bible and all the love songs we sing to Him in church, all transformed themselves into unknown depths of meaning and feeling and I understood. For that I shall always be grateful, feeling love on earth, even though it was one-sided, helped me draw nearer to My Father and come that much closer to understanding the incredibleness of His promises and His Awesomeness… I hope and pray that this love brings all this out for you too, and that I'm not really some lone nutter making up emotions and moments in her little tower in the city, where for come reason she cannot fathom, the Universe is telling her to wait right here… seriously, its annoying, this waiting rubbish, seriously… but my mind has been at work and I think that I may just have a long term plan to go on another adventure… until I start thinking about the logistics and then the plan dwindles, especially when my toilet cracks a leak, the shower system is leaking and the east wall is so battered by rain that the frame is rotten through and I'm doing the DIY in my tower… ugh.

Anyways, I'm sure you have no desire to read me moaning when you have another email in your inbox relating to another one of those ancient movies you are mad about, I'm very happy I'm not having to watch and remember them! Why did you go and mention the 2006 story; that was a keep quiet girl secret you bugger. Humph, last time I share stuff with you. I'm actually wondering if the 1990/1 story, the 2006 one and the 2011 ones will ever match up as interlocking puzzle pieces, or if they were just random incidences in the fabric of my timeline… we shall have to wait and see, and I guess I'll need to be around for that, but if I have to head to a heavenly home a little earlier, I shall not be complaining at all… maybe the mold in my classroom is helping the process…

I have to see a third specialist now, so hoping the illness can be found or gone or treatable soon… was even prayed over in church for healing 2 weeks ago and there was no immediate anything, but more of what was supposed to be prayed against… hoping it's God telling me: His timing, not mine, and not a sign of permanent suffering in the years ahead. Seeing as you now have this hotline to God, send up a prayer for me too in this regard, the aloneness I can handle, it's the ill health that is too, too much.

Cheers Dude, thanks for the love and you know its always coming back at you a hundred fold


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