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Dude to Angel 11

Miscellaneous By: Shannan Browne

Why Dude has been on the quiet for so long...

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Hey Sexy Lady,

Thanks for your emails. Sorry I haven't been replying in gentlemanly due course and decent timing, but, well, read on and you'll get an explanation… after your other email I'm hoping there won't be any disappointment, as I'm sure you know how much I love you girl, but…not in that way ;-)

I was over the moon to read that you were missing me! Bloody well (I have to practice my British now) thrilled actually. Was that what I should've done all along, left the country? Heh heh, teasing you. Sorry that things are so lonely your end Angel, hang in there they'll come right, they always do… double heh heh to Dibs thinking you are settled… I have yet to even try and believe that is possible for you, woman, you are the most restless soul I have ever come across, and I have met many. The guy who can get you to pause will be a champion of note. Megs was over here for New Year and she filled me in on the kuck you've been going through, sux man, really sux. Keep persevering, please keep persevering, I need to know you are on the other end, you're just the rock kind of person that everyone needs to know is there… yes, it's totally selfish of us, but it's the truth.

Ja, so my news, I've organised a two year extension on my VISA because of a girl. Don't shake your head at me; this one really is different, like the Universe wants it. I always used to shut you down with your theories, but now I may just eat my words… she's blonde, and I'm a brunette guy, she's my height and works as a nurse in the city. We take the same bus to the station and I noticed her just after I arrived. There's just something about her that, well; I can't pull my eyes away from her when she isn't looking. She has these amazing emerald green eyes, like none I have ever seen before (naturally you'll always be my blue eyed girl ;). They shine like, yes, it's corny, but literally, like the Universe is in her soul and all the stars are letting their light out through her eyes, it hypnotizes me! Anyway, I had no idea how to handle it, I've never felt this way before, so I took it to prayer, thanks to your years of nagging me…

Then a few days ago I had one of my random bets with the girls in the office and I lost, she could actually toss her paper Costa coffee cup over our divider and into my waste paper bin, how's that for hot!?! I was impressed. Her prize request was an orange chocolate bar, the ones from York that you've liked since 1996! So I knew what she was on about and I picked two up on my way home, I figured her achievement was worth that at least.

Anyway, the next morning, for reasons I know not, the bus stop was quiet when I arrived and the only other person there was the blonde! I felt so awkward I didn't know where to hide, so I just stood off to the side, while she seemed to be sniffing. Before any of our other usual travellers arrived our bus got there. It was mind-blowing, only 2 people got off and they were sitting next to each other, so the only free spaces were 2 seats next to each other, she sat by the window looking out, sniffing… after the 2nd of the 6 stops I finally asked if she was ok. She turned to look at me with tears washing her beautiful eyes; my heart broke Angel, right then and there. She gave me a feeble smile and explained that she'd woken up to her cat being dead! I lost the how, and she had just buried it in the back yard! I said I was sorry to hear that and asked her if there was anything that I could do, or anything that she needed; and she manages a half laugh and says, "I know it's odd, but those orange chocolate bars, when I'm down they work wonders". I looked at my laptop bag and knew two were in there… I grinned, put my hand in and took out a bar! Talk about God answering prayers! She looked at the bar, at me, wiped her eyes, I nodded, she accepted and I was the happiest man in the world. I couldn't stop grinning and she just stared at the chocolate bar.

Boosted with some foreign source energy, I asked her if she would like one the next morning too, she said that was very kind of me, but maybe I wouldn't see her… I said I'd make sure she had one in the morning, and she just stared at me. We reached our stop and she thanked me. I said no problem and was the happiest I've ever been, all day.

The next morning I was, however, a bundle of nerves with a bar of chocolate in my laptop bag. Sure enough, there she was and I froze. I was going to duck behind the shelter but a butterfly flew past her nose and she followed it to end up looking at me! She actually smiled in recognition, I was such an idiot, you would've ripped me! I just held out the chocolate bar… what a dork! She smiled, and took it from me saying thank you and that she had loved the one the day before. Then the bus arrived and I didn't get near her again in the rush.

I prayed that night to be third time lucky and got the distinct impression that God was telling me I'd have to be a man and ask if I wanted to receive… so I went with the impression and I wrote my name on a slip of paper, with my email address, I thought my number would be too forward, and I still reckon a guy should call a girl first, and this way I wouldn't be checking my phone all the time and be disappointed if she didn't call, and I have to check emails all the time, so it would be part of my work flow… after a long argument with myself I found my old bus map and saw that their was a different route I could take to get to the station in the mornings, so if she gave me bat after my months of prayer, then I could vanish and not face her again. Me? Mr. date and hit on anyone, nervous over a girl, I didn't know what was going on, I've never been in that space before, it was totally not cool. Yeah, so I finally used an elastic band to keep the note on the chocolate…. I prayed all the way to the bus stop, thinking I was crazy to be in such a state, and then I get to the bus stop and she finds me! She had painted me a book mark to say thank you! Angel, that moment her hand touched mine with that handmade, wonderful token, I felt every human emotion I've ever felt all at once, I wanted to laugh and cry and jump and run and sit and dance and shout and whisper, it was so incredible, and my soul is doing all that while I have to 'stay cool'. So I laughed a little manly laugh and gave her the chocolate. She unwrapped it, read it right there, grinned at me and told me to check my mail in my lunch break.

Sure enough at 12h34, Pam Waters sent me an email with the subject: Of all the busses, in all the world…

The mail was blank… I replied with the subject: you walked onto mine… she loves old movies too! Angel, there is so much we have in common and things that we don't, it's all happened so fast and I'm honestly not sure on time frames for dating here, but I think she's the one… not like all the other times I've said that mind you, this one, this is different, this feels like the Universe's orchestration, it really does. The other odd thing is that in many ways she is so like you, and it's not me trying to find someone like you, it's more like we've been friends for so long so that you could help me prepare for her… I hope that makes sense to you…

I know you're down, and probably didn't want to read all this, but you are the one who helped me out here without even knowing it and just being you. Hang in there, keep on just being gorgeous you. You know when you get those 'senses' as you call them, just before I have one of my kidney ops, or when I'm in a bad space and need some motivation? Well I've been 'feeling' you loads lately and am praying for you, I know that's all you ever ask, and you have got it… I read your four leaf clover story back in 2006, remember? I believe in it, I really do, and I know it will come true. Don't doubt God or your faith, you held that clover, you have that promise, stick around to complete the story, I know you love a good story.

If it gets too much and you want to hop back over to mud island, bearing in mind it is revoltingly cold right now and you'd hate it, then never forget you have a place to sleep wherever I am.

Lots of excited love from Your Dude, who is still, inexplicably, the happiest man on earth ever, you have to meet her, you have to; exciting times!


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