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New Years 2013-2014 Adventure-Choose Your Own Adventure

Miscellaneous By: sosnh

Depending on the path you take, you could end up as the life of the party, or dead. Make your choices carefully.

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Hello everybody, and welcome back. Today I will have a New Years inspired Choose Your Own Adventure piece of writing. If you could take the time out to like this if you've enjoyed, and comment on the path you took and your end result, that would be greatly appreciated.

Before we begin, you, the player, goes by the name "You". Insert your own name there if you please. Please be aware that to finish the adventure properly, you don't backtrack based on your previous choice not working out the way you had hoped for. Also, this Choose Your Own Adventure assumes the character is a man. However, you can substitute in a female instead, slightly changing a few points.



Your phone rings. The harsh, whistling wind outside sends a chill down your spine. "Hello?" You ask. The phone hangs up. You place the phone back in your pocket. Glancing around, this place is haunted. You are at an old abandoned house. Your original plan was to get some firewood and light up a fire in the fireplace, and clean a bit for your girlfriend. It's dusty inside. You cough. Your girlfriend won't come in this rain, and there is no way you could go outside to chop down some wood without getting drenched.

What will you do?

Pack it in and go home.....Go to Section 2

Who cares about getting wet?.....Go to Section 3



It isn't worth it. Your girlfriend is definately not going to show up. Is there any use in staying for the rest of your guests if the only person you cared about wasn't coming? No! You shiver in the cold. You warm your hands up together, and blow on them. You click some buttons on your phone. You bring up your girlfriend's number. You click the call button. BRING-BRING, the Phone chimes. No answer. You place the phone back in your pocket, and walk out the door. The rain comes down in an increasingly heavy fashion. As you reach for your car, a bolt of lightning flashes through the air. You start freaking out. You try and get the keys in the lock to open the door, but in your hurry, you drop them to the ground. The rain carries the keys away, down the drain. There is no way you are getting out. You walk back inside, closing the door behind you. The rain is way passed heavy now. You cannot go back outside.

Now what will you do?

Try and call your girlfriend again.....Go to Section 4

Start cleaning.....Go to Section 6



You take a hatchet that lies rusted near the door. Your phone rings just as you are about to walk out of the door. You accept the call. "Hello?" you ask. Once again, no reply. You think to yourself that this is strange. You sit your phone down on one of the old leather chairs, and walk outside.

The rain is blaring, loud and intense. You sprint over to the nearby woods, where you are somewhat protected from the blistering pounding of the rain. You slowly chop down some wood that is piled up in an old, dilapidated trailer. It was large at first, and was taken down to quarter the size.

You sit down the hatchet, and take as much wood as you can carry, which is most of the chopped wood. Sprinting as fast as you can, you reach the front door in a matter of seconds. As you get inside, you notice 3 missed calls on your phone.

You run back outside, and take the rest of the wood. You cannot find the axe. There is not enough time to continue looking, because you are already soaked. You run back inside, closing the door behind you. "Hello!" you hear.

What will you do?

Freak out.....Section 5

Casually turn around and greet voice.....Section 7



You try and call your girlfriend again. "Hello!" she answers. You breath a sigh of relief. "Baby, are you still coming?" you ask. "Yes, baby. The party doesn't start for another hour. Don't panic." She says.

You finish talking to her, hanging up the phone. The thunder outside is unbearable. "Hello!" a voice calls from behind. You turn around, and come face to face with a man almost twice your size. One of his eyes has a large slice across it.

You try to remain calm. "Hello, sir. Who are you?" you ask, as calm as you can, which isn't that calm. "Your worst enemy!" With a slight movement of his right arm, he has you in a sleeper hold.

You fall unconcious. While you remain unconcious, the man takes the axe that was close by the door, and chops off your head.


Don't forget to comment about your adventure.



You turn around, screaming! A man twice your size with a mark that looked like a slice on his eyes stood before you. "W-Who are you?" You ask. Without saying a word, the man punches you across the face, knocking you unconcious.

While unconcious, the man takes the axe and chops off your head.



Don't forget to comment about your adventure.



You start brushing down the leather couches. The dust hurts your throat, but you try your best to get everything done.

Fortunately an hour passes, and your guests start arriving. You laugh with them, and have a good time.

A few of your friends endure the blistering weather to bring you some firewood.

Your girlfriend arrives, and you feel like your life is complete. Everyone is happy.

One of your friends sets up a portable radio, and turns it to a specific frequency.

The radio blasts some hit songs of the year, as the countdown to New Years begins.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

You kiss your girlfriend as she laughs in joy.

Don't forget to comment about your adventure.



You turn around. You are confronted with a man almost twice your size. He has a cut that goes right through one of his eyes. "Sorry sir. Who are you?" You ask. The man looks at you with anger.
You hand him your wallet, with a few hundred dollars in it. "Here take it!" you say, practically throwing the money at him. "Please just leave me alone." You say. The man laughs. "No need to worry. I am the man you are renting this house for the night from. I was on my way out, and I heard you come in. I hope you find your stay pleaant. Oh, and by the way, I found my axe outside. By the looks of it, you were cutting down logs." He hands you a matchbox, and sits the axe down at the doorway, and leaves.

Soon all of your friends and your girlfriend arrive. They turn on a portable radio that one of them bought, and started dancing to the music of the year. The countdown to New Years begins.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

Your friends cheer, as the fireworks go off in the distance, and the premier of a new song starts playing on the radio.

You kiss your girlfriend, and you continue celebrating into the night.


Don't forget to comment about your adventure.


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