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By: Southern Jean

Page 1, Just a thought I had.



     Culture what is it; well culture is the traditions, point of views of a group of people.  I think culture is a way of thinking not really what has been passed down or taught, learned ECT.  We all see culture in our own way; I see it as a southerner; which is good old home cooking, family and religion and country above no other, rodeos farming and big trucks.  Culture is what we make of it not what someone says it should be because we are from a certain part of the county or what religion or even our race.  I could be wrong, but this is what I see culture to be, not what it says in the dictionary.  If you want to know what it is from they educational point it is an act of development by education and training; or the refinement of ones intelligence and the customary of beliefs and social reforms.  Do you know what I think when I read that definition of culture as blah blah blah be like me follow my lead.  So culture is what you make of it not what is taught to you.

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