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Harry Potter passing the time activity

Miscellaneous By: TheManWithManyWalls

Tags: Fun

Just something I decided to do

Submitted:Sep 8, 2009    Reads: 89    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   


Harry Potter:

H= Heroic

A= Adhering

R= Respectful

R= Ron's Friend

Y= Youthful

P= Peculiar

O= Ow my scar!

T= Tenacius

T= Tactless

E= Eh! You chose Ginny over Luna!

R= Respectful( that's right, I did it, I wrote respectful twice, rebel!!)



V= Vehement

O= Ominous

L= Liable to be the cause of your death

D= Demented

E= Evil

M= Malevolent

O= Overpowering

R= Ruler of darkness

T= The best character in the series

Here's a little pointless fact I noticed, in the name Voldemort the 'mort' part is actually how you write death in french, intriguing no? the 'volde' part is insignificant as far as I know, correct me if I wrong.



L= Likeable

U= Underworld werewolves have nothing on him

P= Patient

I= Ingenious

N= Not a good idea to be around him on a full moon

Did you know the actor that played the part of Lupin is banished from China for another movie he played in, so next time you think you tough cause you banished from the pub remember that Lupin was banished from China baby!



R= Resourcful

O= Only took 7 books to realize he liked Hermione!

N= No! I let another one in!



H= Helpful

E= Ever so inquisitive

R= Reliable

M= Mature

I= I love crookshanks!

O= OWLS, I will pass my OWLS!

N= Not always an optimist

E= Eccentrically genius

Peronsally I'd go for Ginny, Hermione would be a good friend do.



L= Loopy in a good way

U= Unpredictable

N= Not crazy, she's inspiring!

A= Awesomest girl in HP

She is very beautiful too, just thought I should point that out.



H= Half giant

A= Animal lover

G= Good friend, worse teacher

R= Really cool dog

I= Interesting choice of friends

D= Did I mention he loves animals?



D= Dead( hope that wasn't a spoiler)

U= Understanding

M= May be gay, not sure.

B= Beard( Did you notice it?)

L= Lenient

E= Elder wand

D= Dumbledore, ( that's right, I did that, I put his name in his name, so dubious of me eh?)

O= Outstandingly tall

R= Regal robes and hat

E= Exciting



D= Daunting

R= Regal bloodline

A= Arrogant

C= Cool (Acually he's freakin awsome, but cool starts with a C soo.. This is not Py)

O= Oh please mom le t me do this for voldemort! Please mommy!



S= Serious Sirius( lol, couldn't resist)

I= Interesting

R= Really fricken awesome!

I= Is that a dementor! Gotta run!

S= Super intense


Severus. ps, sorry didn't know it was that big

S= Severe( no pun intended)

E= Eat you alive for sneazing in class!

V= Valiant

E= Evil? Don't judge so fast!

R= Really hates Potter!

U= ugh, they're making him look like the badguy again!

S= super wicked hair



B= Best female antagonist in the entire series!

E= Eccentric

L= Luxuriously evil

L= Loyal to Voldemort

A= Admirably tenacious

T= To hell with sensitivity!

R= Really amazing fighter

I= Insidiously brilliant

X= Xenophobic to any non pure bloods


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